“Hi!!! My name is Zoran! I do not know where my Mom and Dad are. But I do know that I am a super-boy! Cool name RIGHT?!” I ask.

“Not really?!?” my best friend says. “So Zoran, do you want to come to my party tonight?” he asks.

“Sure!” I say.

Three hours later…

I walk into my friend’s house. It smells like whipped cream. I know, you might be thinking, how does whipped cream smell? Whatever…

“Hi Zoran!!!” my friend says, “Thanks for coming to my birthday party!!!”

“You’re welcome,” I say.

“There are video games that you can play. I bought this game called Z-Town!!!” my best friend says.

I say, “Sure I will play.”  

I go over to the video games in my friend’s living room. I’m the only one playing. Then I go over to the table with the cake and the… CUPCAKES!!! The cupcakes are pink. I HATE PINK, I say in my head. My friend must love the color pink!!! That is SO weird!!! I say in my head again.

The table also has drinks, food, and soda!!! and… slushies!!!

My friend turns the music up and everyone dances and dances and dances and dances and dances and dances until the investigators show up. One investigator has brown hair and the other one has black hair. They both have brown eyes.

No one notices them. Everyone just keeps dancing. The investigators take me away from the party. Then they take me to the police station and ask me a couple questions. The first one is: where do you live? The the last question is: Where are your parents? One of the investigators is named Mr. Underpants.

I tell them I have no idea where my parents are and then they let me go. I don’t feel sad or anything, I feel fine.  

I go back to the party, but when I get there, no one is there?!? I don’t feel too scared, but I do feel a little scared.

I go back to my house and try to call my friend but he doesn’t answer.  Suddenly I see this green person coming to my door outside! He bangs on my door and then a box shows up. The box says… “Choose your weapon.” There are different weapons in the box that you can use, like cool swords, knives, GUNS!!! And a cool bow and arrow.

I choose my weapon. I get a rifle and have NO idea what is happening, so I try to open my front door and then I realize the green person is a… a… ZOMBIE!!!

At the last minute I shoot him (with my rifle). The zombie drops a one dollar bill and then right in front of me says: You collect a one dollar bill!!!

Suddenly I realize that I am stuck inside a VIDEO GAME!!!! And I know that because my friend told me to play on the video games and on Z-Town (the video game) was JUST LIKE THIS… I  start to freak out!!! Fortunately, I do know how to play this game so I can’t be in trouble…

I see a robber so I go outside to stop him from WHATEVER he is doing…  When I get outside he’s closer to me and I freak out. I shoot him from behind a bush. So I guess there are robbers and zombies in this game!!!

Then I see other people and they are NOT robbers or zombies. I go over to them and then they tell me how they’re stuck in the game too. They are not police like I thought they might be that are supposed to be in the game. Then they tell me how this guy named “Mr. Underpants” put us in the video game!!! The people told me how it stinks to be stuck in the video game.

Then I see this ship that has some people on it! It looks like they are more robbers and zombies!!! I try to shoot them but I only shoot three zombies.

Then I hear a noise.  “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” I think that it’s a person so I run over, but when I get to them it’s too late… They’re dead!!! I guess the zombie ate the guy!?! That was gross to see because their body stays there. So that means game over for them! Stinks to be them!

I run over to the ship and shoot some robbers and zombies because the ship is closer than it was ten minutes ago. The robbers start shooting back at me!!! I run for my life (while shooting at them). I see a speed boat in the ocean so I hop on it and drive away!

I get behind the ship and I climb up it. No zombie or robber notices me. I see a bomb on the ground that the robbers and zombies were going to use. I light the bomb with a lighter in my pocket.

I jump all the way down to my speed boat and the bomb explodes. All the people that have been stuck in the video game clap and clap and clap!!! People start jumping all over the place!!!

They seem so happy I did that!!! Then this guy right in front of me said, “You earned $100!!!” Then I see this shop! I go in the shop and guess what it is… a weapon shop!!! I bought a desert eagle (like a handgun). I spent my money on this gun because the gun is SUPER powerful!!!

Now I have $10 left which is fine because now I know how to get money!

“Hi, My name is John Pierce,” a guy says, in the open.

“Hi? Wait, PIERCE!?! That is MY last name!!! So that means that you are my DAD!!!”  I say. “DAD!!!” I had a good feeling that he was my Dad.

I was so happy that I started happily dancing!!! All the people that are stuck in the video game laugh so, so, so, SO hard.

Right then, right in front of me the guy says: Level Up!!! “YES!!!” I say. This guy with brown hair and a shirt that said Z-Town. Then another guy with blue eyes and a green shirt comes over to me and says…

“We found out that this video game that we are stuck in is called Z-Town (I knew that!?) and to get out of the game you have to defeat the boss!”

“OK…” I say. Let’s do this!!!

One Day Later…

BOOM!! BOOM!! WOO HOO!! We defeated the boss and NOW WE LEAVE THE VIDEO GAME!!!

What, why am I still in the video game? “HELP!!! I am STILL STUCK IN THE VIDEO GAME!!!” I scream.

One week later…

“YES!!! I found this video game that is called Z-Town!!! So cool, lets do this…” A kid says. BOOM!!!

“What was that?!?!?!?” The kid yells. “AHHHHH!!! ZOMBIE!!!”           

                               The End?

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