Zachary and All of His Adventures

Once upon a time, there was Zachary and his little brother, Josh. They had gotten their new house near the beach with their dad and mom. Their mother told them they could go outside, but to stay close to the house.

Zachary and Josh went to the beach, and Josh said “I’m scared of the water.”

So Josh ran away from the water, but Zachary picked up Josh on his back, and they both went down in the water. As they went down in the water, a slimy seaweed hooked around Zachary’s foot, which made Josh tumble off of Zach’s back and made them to go deeper in the water. They tried to get out the water and swim up to the shore, but they noticed their bodies going into this hole.

In the hole, there was a cable that connected to the sand. Zachary and Josh got out the water, and both found themselves in a sand maze. So then, they held each other’s hands really tight and looked around to see if they could get out. But then, they realized it wasn’t a maze. It was ladder, so they climbed out the “maze” and then, went back home.

Zach told Josh to stay in his room until he got back, or they would be in big trouble. So Zach stayed home with Josh, and he heard a crocodile biting on the door!!!

So then, they looked in the kitchen, and they looked for any weapons to attack the crocodile. All they found were knives, forks, and spoons, so what they did was throw them at the crocodile. The crocodile got stunned by all of the knives, forks, and spoons. Then, Josh went into the back of the house, and checked if he could find a stroller to hit the crocodile. After the crocodile heard that Josh was getting a stroller, it went to the back of the house. Zachary pulled the crocodile’s, tail, used the knife to cut off the tail, and grabbed three more knives to stab it. After he stabbed the crocodile, it chased after him. Then Zachary went into the house again, locking every door. Then, he realized the crocodile could have crawled through the hole, but the crocodile was dumb enough that it didn’t crawl through the hole. It jumped on top of the house.

Josh found the stroller, but he didn’t see the crocodile because he was too busy looking for it. He gave the stroller to Zachary because he was older than him, and then Zachary threw the stroller. It knocked the crocodile off the roof. Then, the crocodile opened its mouth, big and wide, and tried to snap at Josh. But then, Zachary threw a plate into its mouth, and then it started choking to death.

After that, Zachary and Josh said, “We need to clean up this mess before Mommy comes back.”

So they picked up all of the pieces and went to the store to buy new pieces and get replacements for what was there. After they replaced them, their mother came back and said, “Good job. You kept the house, clean and nice. I’m proud of you two.”

After she gave the compliment, a big dragon came and breathed fire around their house, so they were surrounded by fire. They had one thing: a big, giant flamethrower gun. They used the flamethrower gun wisely. They burned the dragon’s tail, then used the knife to cut off his tail, then the flamethrower in its mouth until it was dead. After it was dead, they pushed it into the ocean.

Then, they went to the beach and built a sandcastle, jumped in the sprinklers, and had fun. But not a single piece of the house was broken after the dragon breathed its fire. They all got bits and bits of water and splashed it onto the fire, and then the fire was gone and turned into smoke.

While they were getting water, they fell on a boat and washed onto sea, and that was all of them. They looked under the water, and they saw a megalodon’s fin. They swam as fast as they could, and then the megalodon bit onto the boat. Everyone started using the paddles and hitting it in the eyeball. They still had their paddle steamer on, and they broke it so it went into the megalodon’s throat. They still had the flamethrower fully charged, so they burned the megalodon to pieces, and they sailed back to sea. They also took some fish.

Then, they had a good family dinner, and they had ice cream for dessert.



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