Chapter 1

One day, Zoe asked her parents if she could go see the wizards. They said “Yes” and asked her if they could go along.

“Sure, you can,” said Zoe.
“We’re here!” said Zoe, ten minutes later.

“Hi Richard. Hi Bob. Hi Coco, and hi to seventy six more of you,” Zoe said to the wizards, who all return her greeting.

“This is my mom, and this is my dad. I think you can remember them,” she continued. Her mom tried not to freak out, so she took a deep breath in and out. Her dad shook a wizard’s hand. Zoe’s mom was nervous that the wizards would harm her daughter, but her dad told her to calm down.

“If they try to hurt her,” he muttered, “remember, I used to take karate classes. I still know a few skills.” He tried to do a backflip while kicking, but he fell right on his face.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” said Zoe’s mom. Zoe started to laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” her parents asked simultaneously.

Chapter 2

When they got back home, they ate dinner and got ready for bed. When everyone was in bed, Zoe blew up a balloon and put it on her pillow. Then, she put the covers over the balloon so it would look like she was sleeping under the covers. She snuck out the window went to the wizards.

But, on her way, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around but didn’t see anything. The footsteps got louder and louder. When she turned around again, she saw someone with a black mask on. He picked her up and put her in a van.

Chapter 3

He put tape all over her except for her hands and arms. When he left the room, she remembered that she had scissors in her pocket. She cut the tape off her and ran home. She slammed the door and put her hands against the wall, panting loudly.

She has a lot of questions in her head, like “Why was he trying to kill me? Why? Does he only kill kids, or adults too?” Then she ran to the wizards.

Fifteen minutes later, she arrived at their dwelling. “Wizards! Can you please give me a potion that makes someone fall asleep?”

“Okay,” the wizards said. And then she asked if they could give her a potion that would make someone change their personality so that they stopped kidnapping and killing people. Soon after, when she found a cup of coffee with a lid (so that it would look like normal coffee), she poured the personality-changing potion into it, because she knew that the guy loved coffee –– she had seen him dancing and bobbing his head while drinking five cups of coffee.

Chapter 4

Zoe knocked on the door of the van and placed the cup of coffee in front of the van door. Then the man opened the door and saw the coffee, but he didn’t know it contained a potion.

She went to the other side of the van so that he wouldn’t see her. That’s when she saw in blood letters the words “BE CAREFUL I’M DANGEROUS.”

Nonetheless, he drank the potion and fell asleep. Then, he woke up and noticed that he was a different person. He felt like a nice guy –– not a killer or a kidnaper. He danced all around and was heading for Zoe.

Chapter 5

Zoe took a few steps back. She was afraid he would try to kidnap her again. However, he came over and gave her a hug, but she was still scared so she ran to her house.
Zoe went to bed and tried to forget about what had happened. She couldn’t fall asleep. She felt very confused. She picked up her phone and called 911, and she told the person on the line that there was a guy who tried to kidnap her.

She saw a timer and realized that it said “five hours left until this potion will expire,” which meant that in five hours he might try to kidnap someone else. She wanted him to go to jail immediately.

Five hours later, the man said to himself, “What am I doing behind bars?!”

Zoe said, “Oh, maybe someone called 911. I wonder who did.”

He replied, “You did it!!!”


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