The Unexpected

I am a soldier in Nevada at Area 51 and see a UFO. I shoot it with a bazooka five times. It falls. My military team and I look at it, and we find the ship but no driver. We start fixing it, and when we’re done, we send it out for a test flight. It turns out that it works perfectly. We send it on a trip to our boss. He says we are lying. We show him that it flies perfectly and shoots laser beams perfectly.

The aliens

When we take another trip back to Nevada, our UFO stops completely in the middle of nowhere and falls. Right before it touches the ground, the aliens stop the ship and say, “Why did you take our ship?”

We were scared so we left, running away, hoping they wouldn’t kill us. We call our boss and tell him to bring a car. It came in five minutes. We say, “thanks,” then we get on and it takes us seven minutes because we have to dodge the aliens’ laser beams. We get there safely, but terrorized. We outsped the aliens by a lot. 

The Ship

The next day, I’m trapped inside a ship. We’re terrified when they open the door and start talking. To me, they say the captain’s name is Frédérique hunk. I’m the one to ask. Then I get a message and it says the alien cannot talk to me and that this is all training.

“I made this training for you,” says my boss. I get so mad when I get out of the training that I go and skin my boss.

What If They Existed 

I’m so happy yet so sad that I thought that the aliens were actually in the spaceship. I searched it five times but nobody was there. That’s when I start having an interest in looking for them. After five years of work, I finally was able to find them and they were in front of him the whole time. They were in Area 51 and all of them were there.

After 10 years, I decide to end my career and become a guy that just lays out in the summer the whole time without doing anything.

The Marriage

He decides to marry his girlfriend after six months of dating. After a year, they have a baby. His name is Mort. After five years, his son decides to have the same interest and since they both have the same interests, his father gave him a lot of tips. One of his tips was don’t go try hard when it can all be in front of you where they lived in Area 51, because that’s where you wanted to stay and in his end, he shows me the fake alien ship that they found and he was happy for his life. That day was when his son found an alien, a real live one. His son and the alien were best friends. But I knew it wouldn’t last, it was too dangerous that night, he killed him.

The next morning, the alien is gone. The boy asks his dad if he had seen it. He says no.

The next morning, at 3 am, there’s a gunshot. His dad wakes up and sees the window open and his son is dead. They call the cops.

The Crime 

 Their first hypothesis is that the alien killed him. He says that’s impossible because he killed the alien and found out that it was just a robot from ten years ago from military training. So it must be something else and the weird thing is that we heard a gunshot, but there were no bullets on the body.

“That’s impossible,” replies the officer.

“Trust me, it’s true. There was a gunshot whether you believe me or not I heard one.”

There are no heart vitals. He goes back to his son’s room and finds a hole under his bed. He goes inside the hole, it was really deep at the end of the hole. He found a whole alien village. They see him capture him and put him in a cage.

He woke up in a cage and couldn’t remember anything but that he was in the cage. He tried getting out, but couldn’t. It was locked. He had no clue what had happened. He tried to remember and remember. He was in the alien village under his son’s bed and that he was captured by the aliens. He sees an alien and says, “Where am I?”

The alien doesn’t understand anything. I grab him by his feet and make him fall to take the key, get the security guards gun, and run out. I blast the gem that holds the village up.

The village is being destroyed. I try to get out, but it was too late. I ran as fast as I could, but I clearly couldn’t. I gave up. I tried to look at the village, but bam, one huge rock squishes my body. I was dead.

I wake up in my house. Everything seems normal except that me and my family are aliens. 

The Alien Family

The dad also has laser eyes. He is scared. He decides to kill his wife. He is desperate for money. He decides to go to a store. He points the gun in the cashier’s face and says give me the money. He gets $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 from the grocery store. He decides to kill himself and burns all of his money.

After he shot his wife, he robbed the store. At the store, there was a security camera with a hallucinating bullet. He did not die. He hallucinated it. Two days later, he woke up in a jail cell with six security guards around the cage. A guy shows up in front of him and tells him that he did not die. He told him that it was all a hallucination.

The Truth

He also told him that he had an important mission. The mission was that a meteor was going to crash into Earth and he had to destroy it before it destroyed the whole world. He had to go by himself in space. The guy said that if he didn’t do it they would kill him.

The Training

One month before the mission he would have lots of training such as being in a fake ship to be ready for the departure and landing. They also taught him how to drive the ship. The training was really hard but he passed it and went on the mission.

The Mission 

The day he had to go he was terrified and he was not ready. Or so he thought he was now ready for the departure. At first, everything seemed to be all right until he hit a meteor. His ship was not working anymore and he had just passed the atmosphere. He was in the middle of nowhere.

He sees a weird pink, blue, and red type of hole. He was extremely terrified. The ship was going straight inside the hole.

The Hole 

As soon as we enter the hole, our ship starts to stumble. I am super scared. We enter an alien galaxy. I could tell because I saw aliens floating everywhere. I was super scared as soon as I got off the spaceship. The aliens greeted me with food and jewelry. They thought I was a god, so they made me their king.

Life As A King

In the beginning, it felt weird having all that power. But then I got used to it, life as a king of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 trillion aliens. After a lot of thinking, I decided to go back to earth and dominate the Earth. While it had been 13 hours in the alien galaxy instead it had been 1,300 years in the normal world.

The World 

G__o took over the world and is keeping everybody as prisoners. He was planning on taking over all the galaxies. We had to stop them before it was too late. We had two days to stop his master plan. He had guards everywhere around the world. We told all the aliens to attack. We had a lot more aliens than they had. Something we did not know is that they have an A.N.B. (alien nuclear bomb). They destroyed all the aliens and me.                                 

The Boy?___

He always wanted to take over the world and as he said, he would do until he found Gano.

Gano was the most powerful person or should I say robot in the world. He was the guard of the opusdelerami. This was a very antique gem that gave you infinite power.

The Story 

As a kid he always got bullied. Everybody would make fun of him. Even the teacher makes fun of him. Until one day he fell into a sewer and found the opusdelerami. He didn’t know what it was, so threw it back into the sewer and went back up every day. He kept wondering what it was. Until one day he decided to go back into the sewer and got it. 

The Sewer 

While he was in there he found everything but the opusdelerami. Until he saw GANO, he told him that if you would drop the opusdelerami, it would. You are lucky it didn’t. 

(GANO) I was about to die so get this ring and put it on so you will have any superpower you want. 

Okay fine. 

The Ring 

The next morning, I went to school. Became invisible and stripoed the bully’s face. I shoved it down his throat, made him poop it, and shoved it back up to his mouth. Then flushed his body down the toilet piece by piece.

And did the same to every person who treated.