A Date at the Fair

Ginger and Fred met at the fish game during the fair. They met each other by just looking around at all the fish in their bags. When they saw each other, it was love at first sight.

They were lucky to be close enough to touch. They tried to kiss, but they tasted plastic instead of each other’s lips. It was gross! They were sad that they could not kiss for that weird reason.

Then, they were on the move. They saw flashing lights everywhere, corndog crumbs on the ground. The screaming coming from the roller coasters were making their ears hurt. But they loved it. The smell of sweet, buttered popcorn in the moist air, balloons being popped at some of the games. The sun shining in their eyes, people constantly walking in and out. Footsteps everywhere. The awful smell of the animal barns. A romantic scene.

Their favorite part, though, was when they drove away from the fair in a giant thing to be put in a fish tank to live their fishy lives! But it was quite sad to have to leave their fish friends.

Fred and Ginger had so much fun together! They played tag. They swam around like crazy! They had dinner dates together. But sadly, they died before they could live together in the tank for a week. So they needed to be flushed. I never got to say goodbye to them because my mom flushed them, not me.

So sad, especially since they were my fish, and I won them at the fair.



Fred and Ginger

??? —- 2017

??? —- Friday

They had great fishy lives

In their poop filled tank that we only got to clean once.

So it was filled with fish poop.

They got to live together, and that is all that mattered.


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