A Halloween Story: Series 2

When Jeremy and the ghost and vampires met they started to hang out with each other. Every day they liked to be with each other all the time. Jeremy didn’t even have time to do his homework. When his mom got tired, she said that he could only play when he was done with his homework. But the school homework was super easy so that she had to give even more homework. Jeremy was sooo upset that when he came home he ran to his room and said he’d never come out. But soon he was hungry.  

His mom said, “We have pork for lunch.”

That was Jeremy’s worst food EVER. It always had spices in it. It always tasted bad because it had spices in it.

Jeremy said, “Nooo. Just not pork! I will do anything, just don’t make me eat the pork.”

Jeremy’s mom said, “Okay. First do homework, and then I will set you free without pork.”

Jeremy said, “Double nooo. I would rather eat pork than do my bunch of homework.”

Jeremy’s mother said, “Oh wait, I forgot you need to do your homework first and then eat.”

Jeremy said, “Triple noooooooooooo!” Then Jeremy said to himself, Tonight, when everyone is asleep, I will run away to Spooksville!

After he did his homework, he wrote out his plan on a piece of paper and then called the ghosts and vampires to say that he was going to move to Spooksville, to move in with the ghosts and vampires.

The ghosts and vampires said, “Okay, we have a free house for you to move into.”

When Jeremy hung up the phone, he went to him mom and said, “Okay, Mom, I’ll do my homework.”

When he was done with his homework, it was night and it was time for him to go to bed. When his mom and dad fell asleep, Jeremy carefully went out of bed, opened his door quietly, and changed his clothes and packed his pajamas and whatever stuff he needed, and wrote a note to his parents:


Dear Mom and Dad,

I ran away from home because Mom made me do too much homework. Write me a note to Spooksville because that is my new home and if you write that you’ll never make me do so many piles of homework, I will come back home.




Then he left and closed the door carefully. He ran all the way to Spooksville, but it was too long a way and too dark to go by foot. He would have to go in the morning. So he got his phone out that he always kept in his pockets and called to Spooksville.

“Hello, ghosts and vampires. I need a taxi from Spooksville, please, and I’m sorry that I called at night to bother you.”

The ghosts and vampires said, “Okay, we’ll get a taxi right over to where you are. We have a location for you. Bye.”


When the taxi came to where Jeremy was, it gave him a ride to Spooksville. It took around an hour for the taxi to get to Spooksville. The ghosts and vampires were waiting for the taxi. They were all so happy to see Jeremy at night because they never hang out at night.

Jeremy yawned and said, “Where is my house? I want to go to bed now. I’ve traveled all this way to Spooksville. It’s time for me to go to bed.”

The ghosts and vampires pointed Jeremy the way and gave Jeremy the key to the house.

Jeremy went to bed and was exhausted.

In the morning, when Jeremy’s old parents saw the note, they were surprised and shocked.

Jeremy’s mom said, “Oh man, this is all my fault. We have to write a note to say sorry–”

“No,” Jeremy’s dad said, “You need to write a note, not me.”

Jeremy’s old mom got a piece of paper and wrote:


Dear Jeremy,

I am sorry I made you do all that homework. I just wanted you to hang out less with the ghosts and vampires and I want you to get a little more smarter. Please come home. Me and your dad miss you.


Mom and Dad


Then Dad said, “Why me? It’s not my fault. You better erase ‘Dad.’”

“Fine, I’ll erase ‘Dad’ but this is the last time I’ll erase it for being all my fault.”

Then they mailed it to Spooksville. When it reached Jeremy’s house in Spooksville, he read the letter and after he read it he said, “Fine, I will visit them for only one day.”

Then he got a piece of paper and pencil and started writing.


Dear Mom & Dad,

Fine, I will visit you for only one day, but I am warning you, Mom, if you give me soooooo much homework I will move for good, and I am saying that there is a chance I can move back in.




When Jeremy got to his old house where he and his parents lived, his parents were so happy to see him.

Jeremy said, “This is my last warning for you guys to make me do less homework. I will only do my class homework and that is it. Do you understand me?!”

And so his parents went, “Fine. We’ll let you do your class homework only, but then you have to move in. Deal?”

Jeremy said, “We have ourselves a deal!”

Then Jeremy went back to Spooksville, collected all his stuff again, and moved back in the house.

His parents said, “Yay! You moved back in!”

Then the next day, when Jeremy got back from school and did his class homework, he was just about to leave through the doorway, when his mom said, “Wait! Stop! Hahahaha. I tricked you. Now do all the homework I make you do!”

Jeremy went to his room rushing and got all his bags again and quickly went through the door and called the taxi to Spooksville.

When the taxi arrived, Jeremy went in the taxi and rode all the way to Spooksville. When he got to Spooksville he moved into his new house and wrote a letter to his mom.


Dear Mom,

I am so so so mad at you. I trusted you and you didn’t make that trust all the way. You had it good last night and a little bit in the morning, but I must say I will not trust you ever again and I won’t go to your house ever again. 🙁  




Then he mailed it to his old house and when his parents got the letter and read it, his mom got another piece of paper and wrote:


Dear Jeremy,

I am sorry but give me ONE MORE CHANCE and I promise you, I mean it, I promise you that I will keep that promise for ever and ever and ever. Just please, pleasey please, you don’t have to bring your stuff, just visit us for one night. Just bring your pajamas.




Then they mailed it back to Spooksville, and when Jeremy got it and read it he wrote a letter to his parents saying:


Dear Mom,

Fine I will give you ONE, and I mean it ONE last chance for moving back in. And I’ll bring my underwear, just in case I wet them.

P.S. And I mean it. One last chance. I’ll never trust you again if you blow it.


He mailed it to his parents and then grabbed his underwear and went in the taxi.

When Jeremy arrived at his old house his parents were waiting for him. “I promise I won’t make you do a lot of homework.”

Jeremy said to his mom, “And remember, if you make me do a lot of homework and blow it, I’ll move away for good. I’m only trusting you this once.”

When they went inside the house they got some dinner and went to bed. In the morning, after school, Jeremy did his class homework and called the ghosts and vampires. “Hello, ghosts and vampires? How ya doin’?”

“We’re feeling good. How are you?”

“I’m doing well, too. My parents are now so nice to me, I bet I can come to Spooksville.”

“You can, but it’s just that our friends are coming over for a sleepover. But you can meet them if you want,” said the ghosts and vampires.

Then Jeremy said, “Of course, absolutely. I love meeting new friends. Plus I can get their number on my phone you guys got me.”

“Okay,” said the ghosts and vampires. “See you at six o’clock.”

“See ya!” said Jeremy.

When it was six o’clock, he said to his parents, “I’m going to Spooksville for a sleepover.”

“Okay,” said his parents.

When he got to Spooksville, he was amazed because there were other monsters, and he found out that they liked this place so much that they wanted to move into Spooksville.

Jeremy said, “Can I have your phone number, because you guys look nice.”

They said, “Ughhhhhhhhh.”

Jeremy said, “Sorry, I did not understand that. Say that again?”


“Ohhhhh,” Jeremy said, “I get it! You guys speak Zombie!”


“I guess that means I’m correct, right?”


“Vampires and ghosts, can you tell me what they’re saying, please?”

“They’re saying that, yes, you can get their phone number.”

“Thank you,” said Jeremy.


“That means ‘you’re welcome,’” said the ghosts and vampires.

The zombies gave their number to Jeremy and went to their house to get some sleep.

When it was morning, Jeremy said goodbye to the ghosts and vampires and zombies and went home. And Jeremy lived happily ever after.


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