A Kids Life: Poems

A Kid’s Life

Do you remember that teddy bear you named with all your heart that you still think about every day? Or did you have a doll maybe her name was Alice you would have tea parties and you would take her everywhere. Or maybe you had a sister that you played with and when it rained you would build forts between the two chairs you would play spies and try to listen to what your parents are saying. Or you had a journal to write stories in. Did you have a baby brother to read to or play cars with? But you know when you told your parents you were bored it was just so they would play with you or help you build forts or read or maybe just maybe so they would be bored with you.


The Backyard

Do you still have that little picture your mom took of you on the playset you had in your backyard that your dad put up for you. Or the swing that you pushed your teddy bear on or your sister off of. Do you remember that tree you used to climb and one time you fell off and broke your arm. Or when you got a new bike and tried to ride on the grass and you fell but it did not hurt. When you put a table in the yard and put a coloring book and colored (outside the lines) and drank pink lemonade.


Rainy Day

That day when it rains and you were a kid you made a fort with your imaginary friend named Sunny or Carl you watched a movie and you liked watching the raindrops and say that the big man was crying and Carl would say I think he is crying tears of joy. But Sunny would be sad because there was no sun. Your mom would read to you and you fell asleep when you awoke the rain was gone. You walked to that swing set in your backyard without any shoes your feet getting wet when you sat down on the swing your butt would get wet but you would not care because you were with your friends Sunny and Carl.


Imaginary Friends

You remember Sunny and Carl those friends that were not real but were always there. Through sun through rain they were there. Through good times and bad through mad times and sad they were there sometimes but sometimes Carl was gone but Sunny was there with you waiting for Carl’s return. Then one day carl left and he took sunny with him you did not seem to mind you were all grown up and soon you went away to college you don’t know what happened to sunny or carl but you still miss them.


First Day For Us All

Your alarm went off and you got dressed. You ran downstairs your mom used the hairbrush and mom tugged your hair telling you not to squirm. Dad runs out of the house forgetting his pants mom runs after him. Meanwhile baby brother poured out his cereal, mom yells a bad word we get in the car. At school I get scared new faces new things new people new times. The day is done I go home and get sleep then we repeat and repeat.


Leaving Us But Why

You say he is leaving us but why. Where could he go that is a better place. You say our dog Buddy has gone to a farm but where is it let me see I love the farm. I was digging in the backyard and I found him asleep. He has not woken up don’t tell me he is dead. I thought he went to the farm I thought we would visit he is gone. He is gone he is gone he is gone he is gone.



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