A New Life

A New Life

Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m ten and today is my first day of school at my new school, PS 158! I have so many feelings stirring up inside of me: angry, sad, and excited! I’ll tell you why I feel each of these feelings. I feel angry because I had to leave all of my friends in my old town, and school. I feel sad because all of my friends still live in California and now I live in New York.

“I feel excited because I can not wait to meet new friends! If everyone was nice in California, then everyone has to be nice in New York!” I said to my mom on our way to school.

“Well Sophie, I don’t know if everybody is going to be as nice as your old friends in California,” my mom said.

“Well I guess I’m going to find out now,” I said to my mom as I walked into not just a new school, but a new life.


Chapter 2

Good morning class,” said Ms. Witney.

“Good morning Ms. Whitney,” the class cooed.

“Today we have another new student! And her name is Sophie!” Ms. Whitney said to the class and then turned to me and smiled. “You can sit next to Anna. She is the girl in the blue dress,” Ms.Whitney said. I saw the little girl in the blue dress she had her head down and it looked like she was…sleeping?! It was good I saw that because now I could now prepare for a long, boring year.


Chapter 3

After a long boring four hours, which felt like 1,000,000 hours, it was lunch.This felt like a test to me. This is my only chance to make new friends. The only table open was the table that everybody was putting their trash on. But I had no choice, I had to sit there. A little later Anna came over to me and I realized that she was a weirdo, she was wearing a blue elmo dress with hearts and flowers around it and talked in a very perky voice, so I just walked away laughing. When it was time to go, my mom was late so I watched everyone leave with their mom & dad. Then I saw Anna, she was running to her mom & dad, crying. Now I realized what I have done.


Chapter 4

The next day I saw Anna, and I knew what I had to do, say sorry. “Um …Anna I’m really sorry that I laughed at you, you are actually a very sweet person,” I said to her and smiled.

“Thats okay, everyone makes mistakes,” said Anna.

”Would you like to be friends with me?” I said, hoping that she wouldn`t say no.

“Of course!! I know that feeling you get when it`s your first day of school and you don’t know what to do or say,” Anna said to me.

”Thanks for understanding Anna, you’re a very good friend!” I said as we walked into the playground talking.

One thought on “A New Life”

  1. Dear S.S.

    I really liked this story! It is very honest about how we can sometimes feel lonely and scared in a new environment. It also reminds us that it is okay to make mistakes but also important to say “I am sorry!”

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