A Race for Friends

I stood nervously at the top of the mountain waiting for my turn.

“Aria Albright.”

My dreaded turn came up for the race. I took one last breath before doing the slope perched a foot away. I started the slope, making sharp turns, my long brown braided hair flying in the wind getting little snowflakes stuck in it. My poles bouncing off the gates swinging back. My turns cutting through the powdery snow leaving a wisp behind me. My skis going over the moguls (moguls are bumps of snow that are scattered everywhere). I fell on one of the moguls. Someone was shouting my name.

“Aria, are you okay?”

It was my twin sister Mackenzie who was shouting my name from the top of the mountain. I was okay. When I got up, I zoomed past everything in sight leaving a trail of sugar looking snow behind me (one time when I was little I thought the snow flying behind my dad was sugar and I ate it. It left a cold watery surprise in my mouth). Finally finished, I heard a faint voice from the top of the mountain call out, “Mackenzie Albright.” I knew she, just like I had, dreaded her turn, but all I have to say is she did all the same things that I did.

After the race, Mackenzie and I went home. Then I got an email that said me and Mackenzie were invited to have a sleepover at Stephanie’s house. When we arrived at Stephanie’s house, she was waiting at the door with three cups of hot chocolate. I looked down at the floor.

“Thanks,” Mackenzie said, “I owe you.”

“Yeah, me too,” I chirped in, looking down at the floor. Then we all burst into laughter.

“C’mon, follow me,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie invited us into her room. Her room was perfect for winter sleepovers because she had a fireplace that we roasted marshmallows in. She had a TV, video games, a laptop, and everything else you would need for a sleepover.

“So what are we going to do first?” Stephanie asked.

“How about we watch some TV first?” said Mackenzie.

“Ok,” Stephanie said, and she pulled up her favorite channel, Nick at Night.

And her favorite show was on, Full House. It was mine and Mackenzie first time watching Full House. But after about ten minutes we could tell why Stephanie really liked that show. Eventually, we got a little bit bored of watching TV.

Stephanie shouted at me all of a sudden, “Aria, you’re such a selfish brat.”

I was offended. “Oh yeah, am I?” I yelled back.

I was so angry with Stephanie I packed my sleepover bag and before anyone could say anything. I ran all ten miles home.

“How did you do in the race?” it was mom.

“You know,” I said.

“Honey, c’mere,” mom said her outstretched supporting arms hugging me.

“Mom,” I sobbed into her sweater. She didn’t seem to care. “I quit because I suck at skiing.”

“Aria, ,just ‘cause you fell doesn’t mean you suck at skiing,” mom said sweetly.

“Then why did Mackenzie not fall?” I yelled.

“This isn’t about Mackenzie,” mom replied.

Finally I decided to tell her about the sleepover with every single little detail.

“Sorry about Stephanie, her parents have always been so snotty, that’s probably why, and anyways, nobody’s perfect.”

Mom always cheers me up. And I guess she’s right, nobody’s perfect. Not me, not my friends, and definitely not Stephanie.

Mackenzie ran down the stairs and hugged me and then she said, “Come upstairs, we got a puppy.”

We raced upstairs. When we got upstairs a cute little pug puppy started licking me.



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