A Trip to Colombia

Landon is a boy who wants to go to Colombia by himself. Colombia is like New York, but with houses instead of apartments and trolleys and a lot of nice trees. It smells good because there’s a lot of Colombian food and restaurants. It sounds loud because there are a lot of people trying to get into restaurants.

Landon is all packed up to go to Colombia, and when Landon wakes up in the morning, his mom and dad say that Landon can’t go to Colombia by himself. And that day, at school, Landon is very mad and sad. Also, Landon gets in trouble because he pushes some kids, because he is mad about his mom and dad’s decision. When Landon gets home, his mom and dad are still not letting him go to Colombia. Landon is holding a cold spoon in cold milk. Landon has tears on his face.

Most of Landon’s family in Colombia are from Bogota, and Landon is from Bogota too. Landon wants to go to Colombia by himself because the last time Landon went with his mom and dad, Landon had a very bad time. They were not paying attention to him. They were mostly talking to family members. So, that’s why Landon wants to go to Colombia by himself.

A year later, Landon asks his mom and dad again if he can go to Colombia. Landon’s parents are more convinced, than a year ago, about Landon going to Colombia. They forgot about what happened last time he asked to go, and he has been better. A week later, Landon’s parents tell Landon that he can go to Colombia by himself. In school, Landon has no problems this year because he can go to Colombia by himself. When he couldn’t go to Colombia last year, bad things happened to him.

Landon goes to Colombia the next day and when he is on the plane, the flight attendant asks Landon where his parents are, and Landon says that his parents let him go to Colombia by himself. So, Landon has to go back to the United States, and when he gets home, his parents say, “Why are you back home, Landon?”

Landon says, “The flight attendant on the plane made me come back home.”

Landon’s parents agree to not be annoying and go with him to Colombia, so he can have a fun time. When Landon gets on the plane, he sees the same flight attendant and the flight attendant tells Landon, “I see you brought your parents along.”

When Landon gets to Colombia, it is very warm and sunny. Landon has a house in Bogota that is very big. Landon has a lot of stuff that not all kids have. Landon has a very big and deep pool, and Landon also has a pretty, nice garden with a lot of plants and flowers. Landon’s favorite meal from Colombia is the bandeja paisa. The bandeja paisa is basically ground meat, beans, arepa, charon, rice, and sausage. And with it, you can drink a soda that’s called mazana or hot chocolate.

One day, Landon’s family says to Landon, ’’Do you want to stay in Colombia?’’

They’re in his aunt’s house. His parents are most likely thinking that he is thinking about staying.

Landon says, “I want to stay in the United States.”

His parents are very surprised. Their eyebrows are lifted, and their mouths are open.

“Why do you want to go back to the United States?” his mom asks.

“I want to go to the United States because I actually like to be with you. When I said to you guys that you ruined my trip, I was trying to hide that I really like to be with you guys.”

His parents are surprised, and they are closer to him now. They semi-hug him.

“Okay, we can leave tomorrow,” his dad says.

“That sounds good.”

“If you would have stayed in Colombia, I would have been sad.”


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