A TV Detective

There once was a detective who lived in multiple places, but today he was living in a castle. It was called Hogwarts. He was going to be filmed and questioned about what he did for a living, so he had to be ready. He had a list of questions that they were going to ask. The most exciting part was that if they liked it, they would put it on TV.

When they came, they interviewed him, and he loved it so much that he wanted to be on TV for a living. They thought it was so good that they offered him to be on TV. He made up his mind and went to get a job on the Real Detective Show.

Then, he did his show, but one day, a bunch of clowns invaded as a part of the show. How on Earth was he going to figure out how to solve the mystery? He went to complain that it wasn’t a mystery.

Then, it hit him. It was his job to figure out who the clowns were. He did fingerprints and everything, and finally, he had five suspects. It occurred to him that there were five clowns.

He had cracked the code. That meant more viewers, and more viewers meant more money. He was so excited and screamed so hard, people thought he was crazy.


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