Alex Armado

Basilisk was not kidding about the Markothies. Right when Alex and Fistinis left the gates, the creatures came right out of the shadows.

Alex and the wizard made their way across a grassland to an old fort called Fort Ranger.

“You go and look around,” Fistinis said. “I’m going to see an old friend… He’s a cyclops. And if there is a shiver down your spine or you see a cloaked figure, run. Leave me. And head towards the mountains about two hills away.”

Alex looked around. He knew he was in enemy territory now.

“Hello,” said a boy. “My name is Will.”

Alex picked up a sword on the ground.

“Will!” he said. “Why are you walking around the castle? Tell me your name and your business!”

“You just said my name and my business,” said Will.

There was a sound. And light getting close to them. 

They hid behind a rock.

They saw three tall cloaked skeletons. They each had two giant swords.

“Their swords are made from Condor blades,” Will said.

They were Markothies.

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