Alien Invasion

Once upon a time on Earth, there was a little town, and a few families lived there. The town was located in Canada. One day, there was an alien invasion. And all the families were scared. The aliens were trying to chase them, but the aliens got tired, so the aliens got into their spaceship and went back to Mars. The family consisted of a mom, a dad, one daughter — Alshia — and two sons — Varaaj and Daniel.

After returning to Mars, the aliens remembered they accidentally left their kid on Earth. So, they went back to Earth and found that one of the human families was taking care of the kid. At first glance, the aliens thought the family took the kid away. So, the aliens started chasing the family. The family gave the kid back, but the aliens still thought the family took the kid. Then, the other families in the town explained to the aliens that the family was taking care of the kid, and the aliens apologized about the whole invasion and promised not to bother Earth.


The end.


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