The Mighty Tree

Once upon a time, there was a tree named Tom who was very weak because he had no water and sunlight. No one thought he would make very good wood, so everyone didn’t want to go near him. The tree was sad. He said to himself, “I wish somebody was here to help me grow.” The next day, he had completely forgotten about what he had said yesterday. All he was doing was staring at the dry grass. Suddenly, he saw a mouse walking by. He remembered what he had said about growing. He said to the mouse, “Can you please give me sunlight and water to help me grow.” The mouse agreed. First, he got a ladder and a lightbulb. Then, he climbed up the tree and put the lightbulb on top of the tree. The tree took in all the sunlight. Then, the mouse got a watering can full of water and watered every single bit of the tree. When the tree was feeling much better, he thanked the mouse for helping him.


The End

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