Aliens At Mars

Long ago, a group of people were assigned to go on a mission in outer space. Their mission was to try to get past Mars’ atmosphere. But what they didn’t know was, they had visitors on Mars.

The group of people were Noemie, Jeany, Nick, and Jack. On their way to space, they saw the beautiful sun. It looked like looking at a thousand stars and flowers all day long!! There was a camera out of the ship where they could see everything out of the computer. Finally, it was time they were getting closer and closer to Mars!!!

Suddenly, Jack said, “We’re losing contact with earth, man!!!”

Everybody started getting busy. All of a sudden, everybody started pressing buttons and switching switches.They were passing Mars’ atmosphere but they didn’t know it.

It sounded like this, “Vrooooooooooommmm. Beeb, Beeeee, beeb, beeb, beeb, beeb,  beeb, beeb, beeb, beeb.”

They smelled smoke. The smoke smelled like dead meat. The a/c caught on fire, but they put it out before it caused real damage to the computers.

Suddenly, they felt a big bump. Then they stopped doing what they were doing. They landed on Mars!

“YEAH!! We did it, man, we did it,” said Jack.

While they were celebrating, there was a big hole in the a/c. The mother alien quickly crawled in the hole, waiting for her prey. The alien mother was bigger than baby aliens. Aliens have big heads. The humans did not know there was was more than one alien. They also had mouths in their mouths!!!

Noemie, the leader, told Jack to fix the hole in the a/c. Jeany went too. They went together.

Jack looked in the big hole in the a/c and saw a big, humongous, ALIEN!! The alien slowly opened its mouth.

“HELP, MAN!” said Jack. “Help,  help, help, man!!!”

“Hey, Jack, I got the tools to fix the a/c. What do you say we get to work? Jack? Jack? Jack?! Are you playing a joke on me?! JACK!” said Jeany.

“Help!” said Jack.

The the alien zoomed into the pipes leaving a trail of blood!


“I’m telling you the truth, Noemie!!! One second Jack was there, the other he wasn’t not! And after he said his last word, ‘Help!’ I saw a trail of blood in the pipes!” said Jeany.

“Stop with your lies. He’s probably pulling another trick on you. And ‘help’ was not his last word. He’s my man,” said Noemie.

“At midnight I did not see him in his bed! You do not think it’s a signal from an ALIEN? People who believe in aliens wrote a book about ‘em. In the book, it said the alien would take a person you care about and eat him/her alive,” said Jeany.

“Hey, guys sorry to interrupt, but we found a dude floating in space. His name is Fernando. Should we bring him in?” said Nick.

“Of course,” said Jeany. “Profile his ID.”

“He has no family. Nothing,” said Nick.

“Can’t be! Nothing at all?” said Jeany.

“Nope. He thought if he went on this mission, he’d get more money. His crew abandoned him in space. They went back to earth without him. He said he saw an alien.”

“I told you that aliens are on Mars, Noemi,” said Jeany.

“He’s lying. Aliens are not real. How many times do I have to tell you this?!” said Noemi.

“Until one of us dies, Noemi. Just wait and see,” said Jeany.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” yelled Nick. “Something is pulling me into the pipes! HELP!!!”

“Don’t!” yelled Fernando. “If you kill it, it will destroy the ship. It will make a hole in the air container causing us to lose oxygen,” said Fernando.

“Are you crazy?!” said Nick.

“Do you want to kill us all?” said Fernando.

“No,” said Nick.

“The alien has to let go of you at some point. But it will not leave us alone. We have to hurt it once, then it dies by itself. Hit this one ten times. It’s the mom alien,” said Fernando. Then, Fernando shot the mom alien ten times, letting Nick free.

Suddenly, Noemie fell down to the floor. An alien was pulling her in the pipes. Noemi tried to kill the alien, but it was too late. Jeany shot it, but their leader died.

“Who’s going to lead us now?!” said Nick.

“I will!”said Jeany.

“Now let’s let’s go and  kill some aliens!”said Jeany.

“Yeah!!” shouted Fernando and Nick.

So, they ejected into space and went home to earth. The aliens died on Mars. Hooray!!!

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