Cookie Dough’s Adventures in the Bedroom

One day, when Cookie Dough’s owner was at school and his owner’s parents were at work, Cookie Dough wanted to get some exercise, so he ran on his wheel, but he went so fast that he flung out of the cage and flew into his owner’s upstairs bedroom.

He luckily landed on the bed. Everything was light pink, purple, and magenta. Cookie Dough started jumping. He bounced so high, he almost touched the ceiling.

Cookie Dough stopped bouncing. He turned around. There was a huge bear. Cookie Dough backed up. He was confused, but then he realized that it was a teddy bear. He snuggled up with the teddy bear and fell asleep.

When Cookie Dough woke up, he started exploring the room again. There were dolls, and more stuffed animals, and a dollhouse. He went to explore the dollhouse. He went into the living room of the dollhouse, then the kitchen, then the dining room, which had hamster-sized food on the table. Then he went to the bedroom. Cookie Dough loved the little dollhouse. He jumped out the dollhouse window and onto the bedside table.

Cookie Dough was having lots of fun exploring the bedroom. He went onto the bed and bounced again. Then, Cookie Dough heard someone open the door. He hid behind the teddy bear. Then he heard someone walk up the stairs.  “Cookie Dough,’’ called the voice. “Mom, I lost Cookie Dough,’’ said the voice. He heard the person walk down the stairs.

“Don’t worry. We can get another hamster,’’ said another voice.

“But they won’t be as tiny or as fluffy or as cute. I love Cookie Dough,” said the first voice. Then Cookie Dough realized that it was his owner. He jumped off the bed and slowly went down the stairs.

“Cookie Dough!’’ yelled the owner. Cookie Dough’s owner grabbed Cookie Dough and put him in his cage.

Cookie Dough felt happy that his owner found him. Cookie Dough had a long day. He lay down and fell asleep.    

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