All About My Family


I went to writing class, and we started to write on our computers. I felt excited because it was my first time writing on computers. I learned not to throw my computer on the floor, and I wrote a book about my family.

My family wanted to grow bigger, but the obstacle was the doctor, who wouldn’t let my family get another baby.

Then, my family went to another doctor, and that doctor said we could get another baby. My family felt happy because we wanted to grow a bigger family, and our wish came true.



The baby was born too early, so my family had to go back to the hospital and get the baby better.

My family was not happy. They were worried.

The doctors opened the baby’s brain because a bone wasn’t straight, and if the bone wasn’t straight, the baby would have a pointed head.

They fixed the bone, and the baby was better.

My family was very, very happy.



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