Alliteration Poem

an alligator ate an apple

bashfully bad bats

can cats clap

do dogs do doo-doo

elephants eat eggs

faint fashion far above

giant gum is great

hope hopes for hopscotch

it is impossible to be invisible

jim jumping, jackrabbit black, we are all jumping like that                                          

katey kit-kat is katty

love your looks                                                                                                                    

mom is mother and moon is melon

nobody nodded nothing nowhere

out in outside of outer space

please play pool gently

quiet quilts quark quails

rhinos run really fast

shimmer in the spotlight

special sparkling snowflakes see snow

time to team up

up umbrella, unicorn flight

value vapperating

wonder woman wins wars

x-rays are x-cellent  

yawn, yo-yo, you know

zebras are zombie


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