Animal Breakout

There once was a pig named Lisa and she lived on a farm. Lisa the pig always wore her violet bow. One day, Lisa was eating her food and she saw a key that was in her bowl. She wondered what it was for.

She asked the horses what the key was for. The horses just said, “Naay ask the cows! They must know.” She asked the cows what the key was for. The cows said, “We don’t know, ask the sheep.” She went to the sheep, but the sheep said, “This looks like a person dropped it in your bowl on accident. It must be for opening up all the pens!” Then all the animals got really excited.

So, Lisa took the key and opened up everyone’s cage, including her own. The farmer walked outside and said, “How did everyone get out of their pens? I must have dropped the key somewhere.” Then the farmer saw all the animals running towards the village. The farmer said, “Oh no! Everyone is going to get mad.” The farmer ran towards the village and tried to catch all the animals. He knew that it was a long way to the village, but the animals were almost there. The animals finally got to the village. All the animals were scared at first, then all the villagers said, “It’s ok, we will not hurt you.”

The farmer was near and the animals were all trying to hide, but they could not find a spot, so the villagers helped them. The farmer looked and looked and could not find the animals. He was very confused. He asked all the villagers where the animals could be. The Villagers stated, “What animals?” This made the farmer even more confused then before. He then left to go back to the farm.

The animals then came out of their hiding spots and were so happy, they had a celebration! All the villagers picked one as their own. The villagers were happy. Lisa, her owner, and all the other animals were very happy, they had a celebration.The farmer was on the way back to the farm, he heard all the noise and thought he should go get the animals. The farmer then took them all back to the farm. This made the animals and villagers very unhappy. Back at the farm, he checked out the situation. When he arrived, he was surprised to see they all wondered where his key was. Lisa the pig realized she had the key in her bowl!!! When the farmer left, she took out the key and freed all the animals. All the animals went back to the village. When the farmer came back he could not  believe his eyes, the animals escaped again! He did not care anymore. He just went to the village and all the animals were really sad. But to their surprise he said, “You can keep the animals but you need to pay.” Then all the villagers agreed. And the farmer went back to his farm with all his money and everybody lived a happy life.

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