Animal Story

Chapter 1

Once, there was a cat named Lovey Dove. She had a nickname that she hated. All the animals called her Lola Love, her nickname. She had to get rid of it.

One day, she went out in the woods. She found mud and a sleeping pig. She woke it up. She asked if the pig would help her get rid of her nickname.

The pig said she would help, if she told her how to make mud. Lovey Dove said, “How to make mud is dirt and water.” The pig understood.

The pig then said, “We need to know each other’s names.”

Lovey Dove said, “My name is Lovey Dove.”

Then the pig said, “I have no name.”

“Your name can be Nicky,” said Lovey Dove.

“I love it!” said Nicky.

The next day, they went to Atlantis to think. It was a relaxing place. They thought and thought and thought. Then Ally the Alligator came. She went down a slide and got so scared, she forgot about the nickname. Nicky said to get rid of the nickname, they had to get everyone down the slide. They told everyone that the slide was great.

The next day, everyone was lined up in front of the slide. All one hundred people lined up and went down. Two more people (Nicky and Lovey Dove) had to go down.

The messenger bird went on a forty-foot drop tower instead so he wouldn’t get his feathers wet. But he still forgot the nickname.

Chapter 2

Once, there was a dog who only got breakfast and dinner. Her name was Chewie. She was a dark brown labradoodle, and she was very small. She loved to sleep, and the owners hated her for that. She needed lunch, because she was starving.

The next day at lunch, she started barking and barking and barking. The owners thought she was being mean, so they locked her up in her cage. It was a big black cage, and she was really cold. She had to stay in there all night and she was really cold, so she couldn’t go to bed.

In the morning, they let her out. And she ran around outside because they let her outside. She needed to stretch, so she ran around. Then, she met a giant lizard and told the lizard her plan. The giant lizard was pink, as big as a bean bag, and belonged to the family. The giant lizard said, “We need to know each other’s names.”

Chewie said, “My name’s Chewie. What’s yours?”

The giant lizard said, “My name is Liza.”

Chewie said, “The owners are really mean to me. I really need your help.”

Then the giant lizard said, “How can I help?”

Chewie said, “I need you to get the parrot in the house and tell them that I need to have lunch, because I’m starving.”

“I’ll do that at lunch time,” Liza said.

“Got it!” said Chewie.

At lunchtime, the parrot (who was invisible) said, “Liza wants a cracker!” The owners gave Liza a cracker, and she gave it to Chewie. It wasn’t enough, and it wasn’t what the parrot should have said. But Chewie had another plan.

The next day at lunch, she asked the lizard to open the box that the lunch was in and then put her inside so she could eat whenever she wanted. It worked, but the owners found out the next day. They gave her to another family, and Liza snuck away with her. The family took Liza in and they gave them both breakfast, dinner, and lunch.


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  1. What a fun story!. You left us wanting to read more.
    One question: did the cat ever get rid of her nickname?

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