Animals Talk

One hot day… a little girl wanted to play outside near the woods. But she was locked in, so she made a rope ladder and climbed down. When Violet went in the forest, she saw an old apple tree. Between two other trees, and under it, was a dog. Just then, an apple fell on the dog’s head.

Then, the dog said, “Ow!”

Violet could not believe her eyes and ears! A dog that could speak. Amazing! Violet ran home to her cottage. And then she heard something behind her saying, “Oops, I didn’t say anything!”

Violet ran back to the apple tree. The dog was still there, bouncing on the apple tree. Just then… the dog turned to face Violet and gave all his attention to her. Violet felt a lump go down her throat!

When she was about to run, a silence fell over both of them and the dog said, “Please! Do not tell anyone I can talk.”

Violet promised she wouldn’t. The next day, Violet got out of her mom’s car, and she saw a cat! The cat was striped and really cute! And then the cat went behind a shrub, and Violet followed because it felt like a message to her.

Suddenly, the cat said, “I can see you have met my friend, Tom.”

Shaking with surprise, Violet said, “Yes.”

“Okay then,” said the cat, whose name was Cindy. Cindy said, “Don’t be afraid, but meet me in the woods tomorrow.”

So Violet did. The next day, Violet dressed early to not to miss school and then went into the woods. She went to the old apple tree, and there she met Cindy and Tom.

Cindy and Tom said, “I see we have a believer!”

“What?” said Violet with confusion.

She was hoping it meant something good! And it kind of did because… what Tom and Cindy were trying to explain was… that she was one of the only people who could understand Tom and Cindy. After that, Cindy and Tom explained to Violet that they needed her help to get other people to understand them, so Violet promised to help.

Inside Violet’s head, Cindy the cat seemed to be very loyal, and Tom the dog was very lazy, so all Violet did about it was take a breath, “haahaa,” and slowly trudge to her cottage and go to sleep.

Buzz, buzz went her alarm clock. Buzz. It took three buzzes to wake Violet up and then… she was awake. And then she got up and skipped to school. Remembering Cindy and Tom made her so happy. I wonder if I’ll meet Tom and Cindy again, thought Violet.

At school, Violet’s friend said, “Sorry, but I’m playing with someone else.”

Too bad, thought Violet, but it wasn’t any good. Violet felt like a falling bird. After school, Violet went into the woods to meet Cindy and Tom. When Violet got to the apple tree, she saw … a different cat! She said her name was Lillian. Violet explained to Lillian her whole adventure. Then, when Tom and Cindy came, they decided to all be friends.

And that’s the end of this story. For now!


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