Will You Take The Chance?

Hi, I’m Savannah, and I’m twelve years old. Right now, I am at my friend’s house eating salad while my friends eat brownies. Why do I let them eat brownies while I eat salad, you may ask? Because I’m going on a diet. Everyone says I don’t need it. They say I’m too skinny. And don’t get me wrong, brownies are my favorite desserts, but when I look at my belly, well, it kind of blows up. I know that my friends still have one for me, but since I’m on a diet, I think I’ll pass.


As I turned the corner on my block, going to my house, I realized that looks don’t matter. I WANT THAT BROWNIE! So I turned around and ran back towards my friend’s house as fast I could. I wasn’t paying attention to the street lights, so I was dodging cars. At the last crosswalk, I went full speed ahead, not looking where I was going, and screech! I turned around and…


(That was me screaming.)

Everything started going in slow motion. It was a blurry, blue car coming at me. I was about to die. As I started to run, I realized there’s no way to escape this. So, I closed my eyes, and I counted down from 10. Surprisingly I didn’t feel anything.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a small, teal colored room with a wooden table that had a single brownie on it.  

What? I thought as I looked at a mirror that was on the wall in front of me. I looked faded, like looking through a glass window. I thought I was dead. Maybe I was a ghost. Well, I’m dead. I’m in a room with no doors, no windows, a mirror, a singular light above my head, and a brownie on the table. What do I have to lose? I thought as I reached my hand out to grab the brownie.   

I am a ghost, I can’t eat this brownie!! I realized as my hand went through the brownie.

I started to cry. I’m really hungry, I’m probably going to starve to death. Oh, but I am dead. I closed my eyes, hoping something would happen. And I think God heard my prayers or something, because I heard someone from up above saying, “Savannah! Savannah!”

I could barely make out the words.

“Savannah, wake up!”  

That, I could hear clearly. I opened my eyes, and all my friends were looking at me weirdly. I had fallen asleep.

Phew. I let out a sigh of relief. I wasn’t dead, I thought as I grabbed for the last brownie. This time I had it in my hand. I took an enormous bite and swallowed. It was sooo good. My friends kept staring at me weirdly, but eventually they shrugged and looked away.

I’m not dead, I said to myself again. I never took a chance like that again.




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