Warning: This story contains graphic violence, which may be disturbing to some readers.


Chapter One

When midnight came, the zoo started roaring because in this area, everything is a life sentence, for the animals were treated like they were slaves. The zookeepers walked around the zoo. They looked into the animals eyes and hit them. While the zookeepers did that, one animal was in its cage, lonely in the corner, thinking, Why is the world like this? During that time, it was raining. The animal’s name was Robin, and he was an elephant. He always thought that animals should be free in the wild and that they should be able to have freedom as a family and survive in the wild.

For a long time, the animals were enslaved in the zoo for Homo sapiens to see. Also, near there was a circus. The circus tortured animals even more. They would smack them, put them in chains, and rip them apart. They would hypnotize them, shoot them, put them in cages, everything you can imagine, and worst of all, they used elephants.

Oooh, you can’t imagine what people did to those elephants. They would put them in chains and make them dance. They would make them pull things. They would chop up their tusks. They would kill their young. They would put them in cages. They would face paint them. They would make them drink venom. And there was another creature. That creature was a lion. The lion always wanted the circus to be boycotted and thought that animals shouldn’t be treated so awfully.

The elephant and the lion, Alexander, knew each other. Each Sunday evening, they would break out of the zoo, meet up, and try to raise money to help animals go back into the wild. It never worked. A lot of animals suffered.


Chapter Two

One evening, the elephant and the lion went to the restaurant.

The elephant said, “How much money did we raise?”

The lion said, “We only raised 35 cents.”

Then, Robin had an idea. The idea was that Alexander and Robin would both go back and tell the animals this plan: the animals all station around town to raise money and if it didn’t work, they would meet back at the zoo, even the circus animals, and get a new plan. So they both set out back to where they came from and told everybody the plan.

All the animals agreed that it was an amazing plan. They set out stations all through town.


Chapter Three

All of the animals set out stations in these locations. Two were Times Square, three near the zoo, five near the circus, ten near the Empire State Building, thirty-five in Central Park, and fifty-two in the suburbs. All of them raised a little bit of money each day. They soon had over one thousand dollars. But they still didn’t have enough money to put the animals back in the wild.

While Robin was walking, he met a few humans: Curiosity, Philosophy, and Geography. They all wanted the exact opposite. They wanted all animals to be put back in the zoo and not to be bred. They wanted them to die easily, and they wanted them to cut their flesh for fun. They also wanted to destroy their habitats.

Robin did not like this. He was wondering if they even had brains. He wondered if any of them even grew up as actual animals (because all of the organisms were actually animals).


Chapter Four

All of the stations around the city raised over one billion dollars each, and that still wasn’t enough to overthrow the government. The government did not agree with this and wanted more animals to be tortured with an electric chair and a guillotine. They would also tie horses up by all their body parts.


Chapter Five

Robin and Alexander thought of a new idea. They would start a rebellion on Sunday evening, in the state park, at five pm, longitude 33 degrees.


Chapter Six

Sunday evening, at five pm and longitude 33 degrees, the polar bears broke out of their cages, using little ticks all night, biting in the cages with their little fangs, to open them up. The polar bears banged on the zookeepers and got the keys. The praying mantis killed many bugs and stuck them on the cage like super glue. Since there were five million of them, they pulled back all together and destroyed the cage.

The ants crawled out. The owls used their smarts to use telekinetic powers to open up the bird cages. The zookeepers were knocked, and the seals used them as floats to be able to be on land. The dolphins used little sea sponges to be able to jump on land and walk around. The animals that live in the coral reef jumped into the seals’ little tanks. Also, since the cage had mowers in it, the alligators took all of them and destroyed the cage. The elephants blew the cage down. Now, since the endangered animals all lived in the same cage, they all together got the keys from the polar bears and opened it up. Also, the parrots were able to use human to communicate with the people to open the door. The parakeets were able to text loony tunes and get granny.

Now they all together marched toward the White House. They marched through the door into the president’s office. First, the elephants smacked him the face, poked his eyes out with their tusks, and burned his brain at the stake. They also made his wife wear burning iron heels and had to dance in them for the rest of their life. Then, they took the dead president and buried him in a junkyard.

They came out and broke out and did these things.


Chapter Seven

On that day, all of the birds were spinning around and around the White House. They also had heavy balls that had atomic bombs with them, that they had to drop on the people. They threw them on Washington DC and to add on to that destruction, they put on anti-chemical masks, put chemicals in the jars, and banged them on Washington DC. They, too, went back in time with a time machine and took the most radioactive bombs in the world that were supposed to fall on Japan. They took them back to the present and threw them on Washington DC. Then, they also threw in human beings with cancer and the rash. Then, they also threw in computers that could be burned to make the radiation even stronger. Then, they just flew off. The birds also flew over to Florida and sawed it off.

They also sold Manhattan back to the American Indians. They took off the “locks” in the Panama Canal. They also destroyed Nickelodeon studios. They also threw donuts on the people of California. They exploded Columbia College. They shut down Niagara Falls and filled up the Grand Canyon with dirt. They also gave venom to the people of Barnard College. They also went back to Washington DC and went to a pottery studio and made president pottery and threw it into a vat of radiation. Then they started putting kittens everywhere and gave them to the Native Americans. They went back in time and killed Lewis and Clark, sunk the Mayflower, and killed Christopher Columbus. They also killed Teddy Roosevelt.

Then, they went on their phones and started looking at Pinterest. The end.


Chapter Eight

They also found out that America has a warship called the Intrepid. They took the Intrepid and sailed to India and bombed it. They sailed back to the circus. The owls flew around the circus people, picked their feathers off, and started poking the people with them. Then, they flew all the way to Kansas and then started collecting tumbleweeds. Then, they went and started throwing tumbleweeds at the people at the zoo. The tumbleweeds had toxins in them which made them fly to the foreign of the galaxy. They also collected twigs and made a fire with them and threw them at the cages to melt them down and make them into little molds.


Chapter Nine

As all the marine animals jumped into the water, they started swimming towards Antarctica. There, they met the polar bears, penguins, and sea lions and took them on a trip to Asia, and they went to Russia and invaded Moscow. Then, they started going to the big mosque, and they peeled off the big onion domes and then squeezed them into the ground and cut a door to make them portable homes. Then, they flooded India. After that, they went to Dubai and watched the dancing fountains. But, before they did that, they clogged up the system and made it so that the dancing fountains were like the ones at the Met, which were not inspiring and the people didn’t pay at all and also since they clogged it up, the water just went one inch tall each time it leaped. So the people saw that the fountains weren’t working and started dancing around in the water for no reason.

Then, the marine animals swam to NYC and flooded the subway through the Hudson and the East River. Then, they went up the East River upstate and clogged up every single tube they can see, even the toothpaste in your grandmother’s country home. Then after that, they started going back into the city and climbed up the Empire State Building and started shooting enormous volts of electricity into every single home until everybody in New York State was electrified. Then, they started swimming down the East River, went to Florida, and enjoyed the beach.


Chapter Ten: The Land Rover

All the land animals did something too. The first thing they did was go up the Nile River and climb up the Great Pyramid. Then, they started teleporting solar power to every home they saw, which made all of Egypt and almost all of Africa, shake. Then, they took a boat to Europe and started destroying the Colosseum. Then, they knocked down the Tower of Pisa and started destroying the Hoover Dam. Then, they went back to England and arrested the Queen. Then, they went back in time and put an earthquake in Los Angeles. Then they went further ahead in time, and they went to the earthquake of 1906 in California and started putting massive volts of electricity in the ground to make it shake more. They went back in time, and they started climbing up the biggest tower in the world and started throwing bacon at the world even though there was a pig there. Then, they split up and went to every single bank in the world and got the money to overthrow the government.

Then, the whole zoo marched up to the White House in 2018, with all of the money from all over the world, and went into the Oval Office. Since the president was already dead, they had a new president. He had paintings of himself all over the walls. He was even worse than the previous president. He made sure that all the animals in the zoos of the world were smacked in the face each millisecond and that they would pull out the tusks of all the elephants each millisecond. They also forced them to give birth to more elephants to produce more tusks. All the animals marched up to the new president’s desk and put the money on the desk.

Then, they said, “Will we be free of slavery and injustice if we give you this money?”

Then, the new president said, “No, no.”

Then, the animals overthrew the government one last time by marching out and knocking unconscious every single person in the White House and made the new president sign a paper saying all the animals will be released into the wild. The declaration was signed, and all the animals were free in the wild!


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  1. Leo this is truly amazing. It’s engaging and original and tragic and funny and it has a good ending. Congratulations!

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