The World’s Smallest Dog

I am the world’s smallest dog. The world is too large and gigantic for me. All these big aliens are taking me by a red rope and naming me Ben, Fred, and Lilly! I can’t take it anymore! So, I run away. I mean, I will be left alone. No more “you’re a cutie pie” or “such an adorable munchkin” for me! So, with my short, stubby legs, I run down the road. I keep running until my small legs cannot take it anymore. I sit down to take a rest.

“Hey, you little doggie.” A big cat comes up on me.

I stand up to run away. My little legs don’t take me very far until the cat comes up to me. He grabs me up and bites me. I start to whimper. He drops me to the ground. Then, he walks away. I wait until he is gone, then I sit up. I have no idea where I am. The trees are swaying, and the wind is making me cold. I am hungry. Where is my soft and sweet doggie food? I am too small to do anything. So, I sit and stare hopelessly at a tree.

In the morning, I am awoken to the sound of chirps and baby birds. I look up. A bird’s nest is above my head. I run away from it. I never have liked birds. They were bigger than me. Anything bigger than me is sure to kill me. I am so small, my legs don’t even take me ten feet from the tree. I hate being so small. I hate it.

I walk as far as the town goes. I turn up onto a pole. There’s a picture of me!! I’m famous! All the world will know about me! For once, something goes well for me! Wait a second. I have seen that word before. I think it is “missing.” Or “massing.” I don’t know. Well, I’m famous. Who cares what it means. I walk down the street with my head held high. I hope people ask for autographs!


A few days later…

I am walking through a park with my head still held high. A van! It must be my special ride. I hop over to it and wait for the door to be opened to an inviting doggie food bowl and some doggie hair people to do my messy hair. The door opens with a slam. Not what I was expecting. But still, I’m excited for my new haircut. But a net falls over my head. What is going on here! I start barking. I get pulled by the net and dropped into a cage. Wait, I think I know what’s happening. I think I’m being taken to the pound! What am I supposed to do!!


One month later…

The pound is mucky and dirty, and it smells weird. The food is not that good. No one has adopted me yet. One more day in this stupid pound I will die!! Well, here comes another little girl who will pick any dog but the smallest dog in the world. We all have to line up and do tricks. At the end, the girl has to choose who she wants. All the dogs do handshakes and rolling over. The girl comes to me, and I look at her and smile. She smiles back at me. Then, she pets me. “I want this one,” she says.

“But you have not seen all the dogs yet,” the owner says.

“But I just know I want this one,” the girl says. The girl picks me up. She pets me once again. Then, she and her mom go out the door. I love this little girl, and she loves me, because I am the smallest dog in the world!!

The End


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