Arresting Criminals

I am a policewoman in New York City. My job is to protect the people of NYC.

Today, I was on patrol outside of the richest bank in Manhattan. That’s when I saw the weirdest man I’d ever seen. He had a suit, jeans, and a top hat on. But that wasn’t the weirdest part. The weirdest part was that he was singing a song that only one person in the USA knew…

He was the criminal that was wanted in fifteen states, Jerry Wooder. I stood at my post knowing that he wanted to rob the bank, and I reached for my walkie talkie, but before I could grab it, Jerry Wooder took out his gun and pointed it at me.

I quickly took out my gun and walkie talkie and called for backup. “This is Officer Lane. I need backup at 43rd Green Street. I have Jerry Wooder.”

I was able to hold him off until backup came, by making him drop his gun and holding him in place. My partner arrived just as I ran out of strength. My partner got him in handcuffs and drove to the police station. We were heroes (well, mostly me), and that is how I ended up arresting a criminal wanted in fifteen states.


The next day…

I arrested a criminal wanted in fifteen states. I became famous. I bought a house near the beach, where I would be patrolling.

Right now, I am running across the beach, trying to catch another criminal. This time, he’s wanted in every state in the USA. Even though I am rich and famous, I am still a police officer, so I am wearing my uniform. The only different thing about my appearance is my hair. I straightened my curly, blond hair.

I am trying to make a plan in my head to catch this criminal. I see him now, getting into his car. I’m going after him. Got him! Calling my partner… going to the police station… and he’s in jail! Just another day for a busy police officer like me.

Some things about me are:

– I love to swim

– I love kittens

– My favorite color is yellow

– My best friend is the mayor of NYC

I’ve got to stop recording this. Mom and Dad are coming to stay tomorrow, and everything needs to be perfect. One more thing about my family, we are part dragon…

Read more about this in Arresting Criminals 2!


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