Back to Mars

The ship was flying really fast through space. The ship was red, and it was really big. It was the biggest ship in the galaxy. In the ship, there were about twenty aliens. About a month ago, a group of humans started to follow the aliens with space guns. But the ship was bullet proof, so when someone shot it, there was no damage to the ship.

Today the aliens were running away from an even bigger group of humans, and the humans had bigger space guns. The ship had space guns too, so the aliens shot back. But the humans were really good at dodging things. They were dodging all the shots. But then, the ship went as fast as it could to Mars. Mars was where the aliens lived. When they got to Mars, they ran to their alien houses.

There were two aliens named Joey and Bobby. They were playing soccer until they heard aliens running and screaming, “HUMANS!!!” They looked back, and there were about fifteen humans running after them.They ran until they were inside Joey’s house. They locked all the doors and all the windows. After an hour, they decided to look out their bedroom window to see if the humans were still there. They both screamed and ran out of the room. Outside, there were two humans right in front of the window, smiling in a really creepy way.

The aliens were in their garage with all the doors and windows locked, and the door was covered with wooden planks. Even after a whole day, they didn’t open the door or look out the window. Then, a week later, they finally looked out the window, and, luckily, there was nobody there. So they unlocked all the doors and took a walk around the city that they lived in to see if humans were still out there. Luckily, there were no humans out there, so they said bye to each other, and they each went to their own house.

When Bobby woke up, he had a super-duper, awesome idea. He ran to Joey’s house, and when he got there, he knocked on the door. Joey opened the door. He had his human pajamas on. Bobby laughed and told Joey his super-duper, awesome idea. His idea was that the next day, they were going to go to Human World on Joey’s spaceship and be the first aliens to step foot on Human World. They would explore Human World and take a space gun just in case they were attacked. They would also have human costumes so it wouldn’t be so easy to find out they were aliens.

Joey started jumping around in circles screaming, “That’s a great idea!!!” Bobby was really happy that Joey agreed to do it. After that, they went to the soccer field near Joey’s house and started to plan everything they were going to do in Human World. They were so excited!!! Then they each went to their own house.

The next morning, Bobby put on his human costume and went running to Joey’s house. When Joey opened the door, he yelled and locked all the doors and windows. So, Bobby had to take off his costume and call him and tell Joey it was only him. Then Joey came back outside. Bobby told him to put on his human costume. So, Joey and Bobby both put on their human costumes and went to Joey’s spaceship.

When Joey was in the spaceship, he started to jump in circles again. This time, Bobby started to jump around too. They were so excited to go to Earth. The flight would take a whole day long, but they didn’t care. They brought a soccer ball with them to play soccer, and they didn’t break anything because the spaceship was big. They also couldn’t break anything because everything in the spaceship was unbreakable. Even if they kicked the ball super hard, the ship wouldn’t break, so they were lucky to have that ship. They played soccer for hours until they were really tired and went to sleep.

A giant beep woke them up. That beep meant that they made it to Human World. They were so excited, but they were also scared. What if they got killed by humans? They left their spaceship in a hidden cave. They saw some people walking past them, but since the aliens had human costumes on, the humans couldn’t notice they were aliens. The aliens were so amazed. Since they were aliens, they thought everything in Human World was really strange. They saw a really big building with a human in front of it. There was also a huge crowd of humans right in front of the human. Everybody was screaming, “Mr. President!!!” Bobby and Joey were really confused, so they left. After a really long walk around the city in Human World, they sat under a tree. It was really hot in Human World. A lot hotter than on Mars. Bobby told Joey that he was really tired, so he was going to take a nap. Since Joey wasn’t too smart, when Bobby fell asleep, Joey took off his hot human costume and fell asleep too.

Joey felt someone shake him. It was Bobby. Bobby had a really scared face. Joey looked around and saw some humans dressed in blue with some weird looking guns. Joey took out his space gun and started shooting randomly. But, since the humans were really good at dodging things, they dodged every shot. Then Joey and Bobby started to run as fast as they could. Luckily, aliens were a lot faster than humans, so the humans couldn’t catch up. Then, when they couldn’t see the humans anymore, they decided to go look for their spaceship and leave Human World before they were killed.

They looked all over the forest, where they left their spaceship, but they couldn’t find it. They also looked all over the city, but they couldn’t find it. Joey was so mad. They didn’t know what to do. So they decided to walk around the city. When they got to a park, they sat down and thought of something to do.

While they were thinking, a man came and looked at them. He came up to them and asked them what they were thinking. The aliens thought that he was mean, so they ran and hid behind a bush. Then the man found them and told them that he was not mean. So Bobby and Joey came out of the bush and told him why they were sad. The man listened to them, and he invited them to his house. They accepted and went to his house.

When they got to his house, the man gave them things to eat that they never ate before. It was something called “candy.” Candy was their favorite thing they ate in Human World. But Joey thought it was a really weird name for such a tasty thing. But he didn’t really care. They also ate something called “tomatoes.” They didn’t like tomatoes, but they ate it anyway since they didn’t want to be rude. Aliens could speak every language in the whole universe very fluently. So they understood the man very well. The guy was very nice. He said his name was Peter. Peter was young. He was about 25 years old. He let Bobby and Joey go explore the house and touch everything in the house that they had never seen before. Bobby and Joey were such good friends with Peter that after a month, Peter asked Joey and Bobby if they wanted to live with him since they didn’t have any place to sleep.


On Mars…

Back on Mars, everybody that knew Joey and Bobby were gone. They were screaming all over the city, saying, “BOBBY!!! JOEY!!!” They didn’t know where the two went since they didn’t tell anybody where they were, just in case someone tried to stop them from going. Everyone was so scared because they thought that Joey and Bobby were dead or stolen by humans. They even tried to text the two and call them with their space phones, but Bobby and Joey didn’t answer!


Back in Human World…

Joey and Bobby heard their space phones ring, but they ignored it. They obviously said yes to the offer to stay at Peter’s house. Peter made a room for them. The room was black and had a sticker that looked like Mars with stars all around it. There was a king-sized bed for both of them. Peter lived in a mansion, so the two beds could fit in their gigantic room. Joey and Bobby were so happy with their new room that they went to Peter and gave him a giant hug!!! They were so happy that they got to live with Peter.

Peter gave them everything they wanted. They asked for a new soccer ball because their soccer ball was broken. When Peter brought them to the shop, he bought them the most expensive ball that never broke and never got dirty either.

Peter loved soccer, so every day when he came home from work, he took Bobby and Joey to the soccer field close to his house. They loved to play with Peter because he always made funny jokes when they played soccer, and he always played as easy as he could because he was too good for them. Sometimes Bobby or Joey asked him to show them how he played when he was actually trying to play the best he could. He was really good. After a week, Peter told them something awesome. He said that he was a professional soccer player!!! They were so happy! They were living with a professional soccer player! That was why he was so good at soccer!

After that, every day Peter taught the aliens how to play soccer very well for five whole hours. But since the aliens loved to play soccer, they never complained or got tired, and even if they did complain or get tired, Peter would get mad at them, so they just got used to it. After soccer, the aliens had a tutor who was Peter’s best friend, so he wasn’t scared of the aliens. The aliens learned quickly. It only took them one class to learn one thing. The aliens even made a new friend. He was fifteen years old, and he was very funny.     

After like two years, Bobby wanted to check his space phone. He went to his room and looked under the bed and got his space phone out. Since he hadn’t checked his space phone in about two whole years, the notifications said “10 missed calls from Mom” and “100 texts from Mom.” When he finished reading the texts, he ran downstairs and showed Joey all the messages that his mom texted. When Joey finished reading the texts, they both ran to Peter and told him that they needed to build a spaceship to get back to Mars. Peter told them that he would help them.

Bobby and Joey drew a picture of what the spaceship would look like and what it had to be made of. Then they showed the picture to Peter, and they all went running to the store to buy the materials. They needed a lot of materials, like metal and steel. The next day, they started to build the spaceship. The spaceship had to be very tall and very long. It had to be about fifteen feet tall because the aliens were very tall, and it needed to be 150 feet long so they could play soccer. It was really easy to make because the aliens knew exactly what to do, and since they were a lot faster than humans, they made it in about an hour.

When they finished making the spaceship, it looked awesome. The aliens were really happy and so was Peter. The aliens even thought that the spaceship looked a lot better than their other one. Peter asked if he could go with them to Mars. Bobby and Joey said yes!!! So they all went to the space shop and bought a space suit for Peter. Then they decided to leave two days later so they could say bye to Human World.


Two days later…

The aliens had put all their stuff in the spaceship, and Peter had just put in some things because he would be going back to Human World. They were all so excited to leave in a minute. Bobby and Joey wanted to see their family and tell them how it was in Human World, and Peter wanted to go to Mars to be the first human to step on Mars. Peter obviously brought his camera so he could take pictures of Mars.

When they got in, they were almost ready for blast off. They just needed to press some buttons and… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… BLAST OFF!!!

Joey and Bobby started to jump all over the spaceship, and after a while, Peter started to jump with them. After an hour, they stopped jumping and started to play soccer. They only wanted to play soccer for fun, not to win. Peter was on one team, and Joey and Bobby were on a different team. At the end, the score was 31 to 3. Peter obviously won. He always won by a lot, but the aliens never really cared. They only wanted to play soccer for fun, not to win. After the game, the three of them fell asleep.

Beep!!! Beep!!! Beep!!!

They all woke up right away. That was the alarm that signaled they got to Mars. It was one in the afternoon. They were all thinking, Yay, we are here!!! They opened the door of the spaceship and started to take everything out. Then Joey went to his house, Bobby went to his house, and Peter went to Bobby’s house because Bobby’s house was bigger than Joey’s. After unpacking, Joey and Bobby went to the park to prepare a welcome back party for themselves while Peter stayed at home. They texted their family and friends to come to the park with a lot of food. Then they started to hide behind some bushes until their family and friends came. They were so excited to see them!

When their family and friends got there, they were really confused. Why did Joey and Bobby ask them to come to the park with food? Then the two jumped out of the bushes and surprised them. They started to talk and eat the food that the family and friends brought, until Peter jumped out of some bushes with a space gun and told Joey and Bobby that he wasn’t a soccer player. He worked for KARN (Kill Aliens Right Now)! The aliens were so surprised and mad at the same time. They trusted him!

Peter started to shoot. The aliens weren’t to good at dodging, but they managed to dodge all of the bullets. Then Joey remembered that his dad always brought a space gun, so he shouted to his dad to take out his space gun and start shooting Peter. But since humans were really good at dodging, Peter just dodged all the shots easily. After a while of trying to hit Peter, Joey’s dad decided to use the mega shot! The mega shot was made to kill every human who was on Mars and make their bodies disappear! But Joey didn’t care, he just wanted to get rid of Peter right then. When his dad shot the mega shot, all of Mars turned completely blue. It was really weird. No aliens that are alive at this time had ever seen this happen before. The last time that this happened was one thousand years ago. It took thirty seconds for Mars to turn back to its normal color again. After thirty seconds, Peter was gone. Everybody started celebrating.


The End!


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