Bensy and His Quest

It was a breezy day in Alaska, and a group of puffins were playing by the snow. The king puffin was demanding more fish.

“Give me fish! I can’t do it! My beak just got polished!” he said.

Now, the main character came waddling along.

“Yes sir,” said a puffin named Bensy, “Salmon — I think? — for you!”

“Salmon! I hate! I despise! Salmon!” he shouted.

“Ok, I’ll get you a different fish,” said Bensy.

As he waddled across the snow, he looked at the city. And then, he saw his destiny behind a window.

“Oh my gosh!” said Bensy.

And you must be wondering what it was… and it was fried chicken!!

“Yaaaaaaaa!” shouted Bensy’s friend Amelia.

“Ow!” said Bensy.

“King Puffin wants his fish,” said Amelia.

“Ohh, you civil, boring, fish-eating puffins, there’s better food in life, you know,” said Bensy.

“But you’re a puffin,” said Amelia.

“Yeah, but I’m better,” said Bensy.

“You’re so full of yourself,” said Amelia.                                                                                                                                      

“Look, fried chicken,” said Bensy dreamily.

“That’s cannibalism,”said Amelia.

It was night in the puffin village. Everyone was inside because Gwen the fox was on the prowl.

“Everyone inside! Gwen is going to climb the gates!” said the speaker.

Bensy ran out of his house and to the gates at the front of the cave.

“Hey, I need your help!” he said shaking and waddling with fear.

He ran back home

“I was wrong!!’ screamed Bensy.

“I told you so!!’ Amelia said.

“Hello, tiny puffin! What do you want?” said Gwen the snow fox.

“I need your help,” said Bensy.  

“What do you want?” said Gwen.

“Uh, I want … fried chicken,” said Bensy.

“Uh, that’s cannibalis-”

“I know!!!’ interrupted Bensy.

Gwen rolled her eyes and said, “Tomorrow. Gates. Morning.”


It was early morning. Bensy was waiting.

“Foxes always lie,” he said.

“Uh, no. I’m here at the gates,” she said.

“Okay, let’s go,” Bensy said.

“Uh, remember you split fried chicken, or you will be chicken,” said Gwen.

They were walking to KFC, and they stopped at a sign.

“No pets! Technically, we’re not pets,” Gwen said.


Try 1:

Roz never smiled.

“Why did I have to work the 24/7 hour shift,” Roz said.

“Uh, hi, can I have some fried chicken?” said a lady.

“Sure, it’s made with the opposite things we say in the ad,” said Roz.

“Oh, um, ok, here is the money, crazy lady. Goodbye,” she said.

“Now!” said Bensy.


“Ah! Get off of me!!” she said as she stormed away.

“Aw, no fried chicken,” said Bensy.

“Yeah, next time, don’t tackle. It’s just sad,” said Gwen.

They were in front of KFC looking into the window at all the fried chicken.



“Ok, let’s just walk through the door,” said Bensy.

“Wait, uh no, don’t, nooo-’ said Gwen.

“Ding” went the doorbell.

“Hi, welco– Hey! No pets or animals allowed!!” said Roz with so much rage that she could blow a fuse.

“Wenk wenk weeeenk!!!” he said. [Can I have some fried chicken?]

“No!” screamed Roz.

Bam! Bensy flew out the door and onto the snow-covered street.

“Uh, let’s try again!” said Bensy dizzily



It was scary being a puffin because of trees, blizzards, and snow foxes (except Gwen). But this was the scariest. Bensy was in a cage in the dark, and it was moving. Scary!

“Bensy! Where are you! Did ya get it! Uh Bensy?” said Gwen nervously.

Then, she saw the worst thing ever, an animal truck which you don’t see much, so this meant that Bensy was in there! Padding against the fresh snow, Gwen was too slow.

“No, Bensy!” said Gwen sadly.

As Gwen was walking home, she had an idea. Maybe the person who understands me the most! thought Gwen.

“Dorothy!” said Gwen happily. So she sped to Dorothy’s house.

DING! went the doorbell.

“Oh, hi, Gwen. What are you doing here?” said Dorothy.

Now I know this was kind of far, but just go with it.

Ruff, grr, grr, barked Gwen.

‘Your friend’s in an animal control truck!’ said Dorothy understandingly.

“Yeah, that’s the crazy thing” said Gwen.

So Dorothy got a backpack that had a bunch of jangly things. They saw the animal control truck at the gas station near the ferry.

“Come on. The truck’s back door is open!” said Dorothy.

Slam! went the door just as they got in the back of the truck. And they were off!

But the ferry ride was short, so in a wink, the truck was on the road again.

All tries over!

Quickly, they drove the car into the ditch and climbed out.

“Okay the ferry dock is right there, so all we have to do is get on — Oh! That ferry,” said Dorothy.

They ran to the ferry dock and clambered on the ferry.

“Uh, are you sure they won’t get on?” said Gwen nervously.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” said Dorothy.

And as soon as that, they were off!

“Uh, this is kind of strange?” said Dorothy.

“Whats strange?” said Gwen.

“This ship! It’s, well, strange and shady!” said Dorothy nervously.

She was right; it was strange. The walls were rusty. It had graffiti all over the windows and only some of them because the rest of the windows were broken!

“Where, uh, am I?” said Bensy.

“Bensy! You’re awake! After being unconscious!” said Gwen.

“Yes, I am. Now seriously, where are we?” said Bensy.

They explained what happened, which in my opinion, took too long to write and so my fingers would get tired. Go figure.

“Oh, okay thanks for explaining, but I need that fried chicken!!” said Bensy.

“Yes I know, but right now, we have bigger problems!” said Dorothy.

“Yeah, Dorothy’s right, but I have a feeling someone’s watching us! But anyway, let’s go to bed.”


It was night on the mysterious boat, and everyone was sleeping. (Ha! It sounded like a nursery rhyme when I said it like that!) Mumbling was coming from the deck of the ship.

“Do you think they’re on the boat?” said Maxwell.

“Of course they’re on the ship. Otherwise, they wouldn’t exist!” said Pete, rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, and I don’t want Boss to be mad!” said Maxwell.

Now everyone knows that snow foxes have extraordinary hearing.

“What’s that noise?” said Gwen. “And whose boss? Guys?”

“What? I’m sleeping!” said Dorothy.

“The henchman are on the ship!” said Gwen.

“Uh oh! I was right!” said Dorothy.

“How will we escape!” said Bensy.

“Uh, I obviously don’t know!” said Dorothy.

“How can you not knoooooo– I see them!!” screamed Bensy.

“Run!” said Gwen.

So obviously, this was one of those cool scenes where everybody runs. Yeah, this story had to have one.

“I never run in gym class!” screamed Dorothy.

The only thing they could do was jump.

“Lets jump!” said Bensy.

So obviously, they disagreed..

“That’s crazy — okay, let’s do that. They’re coming!” screamed Dorothy.

So they jumped, yeah. Under the water, they pumped their legs as the water pushed them down. But then, a shadow stretched across the water.

“Uh, what’s that!” said Gwen.

Then, a wing stretched into the water and grabbed Bensy’s wing.

“Ahhhh!” said Bensy.

Then, he saw an amazing sight.

“Well hello, Bensy!” said KING PUFFIN!  

“The annoying girl puffin told me you were missing!” said King Puffin.

But then, Bensy remembered about his friends.

“Wait! My friends!” said Bensy.

So he dove into the water and grabbed Gwen and Dorothy.

“Uh, Amelia, King Puffin, meet Gwen and Dorothy,” said Bensy.

They all shook wings, hands, and paws. But they realized they were only on a wooden canoe.

“Uh, will this sink?” said Gwen.

“Bah! No, it’s made in my palace, so it’s the best!” said King Puffin.

He was back to his selfish self. But then, they saw Alaska!

“We’re home!” said Bensy.

As they got to the snowy beach, they relaxed, and Amelia said “Uh, Bensy, you know I have something for you.”

Bensy tilted his head.

“What is it?” he said.

Then, Amelia held out… fried chicken!!! Bensy passed out. Just kidding! Bensy screamed like he was on High School Musical!

Then, he asked, “How’d you get it?”  

‘“Dude, you literally just have to jump on a person who’s eating fried chicken and they’ll drop it on the ground!” said Amelia.

There was a moment of silence. Then, Bensy screamed like he was on High School Musical (again!) Then, Bensy said something

“Uh, can I live with you?” asked Bensy.

“Uh, why?” said King Puffin.

“Pwease Kwing Pwuffin!” said Bensy like a baby.  

“Fine,” said King Puffin.

But first, they ate the fried chicken that Bensy always wanted.


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