Boing and the Evil Noodles

Once upon a time there was a panda. The panda’s name was Boing. Boing’s life was almost perfect. There was only one thing Boing wanted… NOODLES! He really wanted noodles. Boing had only eaten noodles once in his life. And he had loved them. But, he was allergic to the chili peppers Mr. Smigs put in his noodles. His tongue started burning whenever he ate any. There was only one noodle shop in the tiny panda village called Panda Town and Mr. Smigs was the owner. But, Mr. Smigs only knew how to make noodles with chilli peppers.

Three years later it was Boing’s birthday. His parents gave him noodles! He said, “Oh wow! Noodles!” Boing decided he would save the noodles for later. He wanted them to last as long as possible.

That night Boing was lying in bed and he tasted a noodle. It was very spicy. He said to himself, “I wish these noodles were less spicy.”

Suddenly, a mysterious voice coming from the noodles said, “If you want me less spicy you will have to do it yourself.” Boing was too scared to respond. “Well?”

Boing said, “How do I do that?”

“Figure it out!”

“O-okay,” Boing said as he shook with fear. “Never mind. You are perfect,” said Boing.

The next morning Boing said “Good morning, noodles!”

The noodles said, “What’s so good about the morning? You get woken up from your beauty sleep!”

Then Boing finished the noodles. Guess what he saw? Boing saw a genie bottle with devil horns! Boing went outside. He rubbed the bottle and a genie devil came out! The genie devil lunged at Boing and he was scared! Right at that moment, Boing became a tiny ball, the size of a beach ball, and tripped the genie devil. Then Boing became aware he had powers. SUPER powers! He realized that his emotions controlled his powers. Whenever he got scared, he could turn into the size of a beach ball. He was very happy.

Suddenly, a gleaming ball of light fell into his hands. It was pure happiness. Boing threw the happiness at the genie devil! The happiness burned the genie devil. The genie devil tried to cast a spell but Boing duct taped the genie devil’s mouth shut. Then Boing realized he loved using his powers. Little heart bullets shot out of his mouth! They all hit the genie devil!

Boing could control when his powers happened. When he was happy or any of the other  emotions the power for that would be most powerful, but even when he was feeling sad, Boing still could be able to bring the sun down or turn into a little ball but it wouldn’t be as powerful.

Then, Boing’s sister Ellie came out and said “Boing, what are you doing?”

“Uhh, nothing.” said Boing.

“Hmmm,” said Ellie.

“Okay.” Ellie said, and went away.

In the meantime, the genie devil had gotten the tape off his mouth and said, “Okay, okay. You win. Take me to jail,” said the genie devil because he thought anything would be better than having to be in this backyard anymore because he doesn’t want to have Boing hurt him again.

“Sure! I’ll take you to jail,” said Boing.

He called the police and said he had found an evil genie devil. He sent him to genie jail.

Boing thought that since he had just taken a genie devil to jail, he had to be on the good side. “I guess I’ll be a superhero then, if I’m on the good side.”

And then when the police got the genie devil, they said, “Boing! You caught the most wanted genie devil that has not been seen for a million years!”

“What’s this genie’s name?” asked Boing.


“We will give you any prize you want,” said the police officer.

“I would like NOODLES!”


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