Booger and Booger, Jr.

There once lived a man. He picked his nose and saw a booger. It was so magical. It turned into a boy!

“I’ll call you Booger, Jr.”

They called the father “Booger” for picking his nose. Well, this is weird talking about boogers. But once, they had a fight about whose boogers were better!!!

They said very mean things to each other, like “Your boogers are sloppy! They are so blue because you’re sick, and they’re frozen, so you don’t even have boogers!”

“Well, I’m newer, so my boogers are newer and improved,” said Booger, Jr.

“My boogers gave birth to you, so I should have better boogers!”

Well, let’s say things didn’t go so well after that. They separated from each other. Booger, Jr. tried to find somewhere to live. He stayed in a hotel for a while until he couldn’t pay for it anymore. He took some money from his dad.

His dad was pissed that his son took his money, but he didn’t do anything about it. Booger thought it was reasonable because he kicked his son out of the house. Booger, Jr. was a young man, a little boy. He had nothing.

Booger, Jr. needed to make some money, so he started to pick himself on the street. He did it for an hour and only made five cents to stop doing anything. He tried again, but instead of picking anywhere, he picked in a certain spot. His belly button! Then, he made $100 bucks! He was only going to pay for meals and stay on the street for a little bit longer, so that he could save his money for a home.

Meanwhile, the dad was just a drunk, being a big hunk of funk. He was depressed that he said all those things and that his son left him. He decided to look for him and take him home.

Booger, Jr. was sitting very sadly on the street, regretting all those words he said to his father. Then, his dad came.

“Hi, Dad! I’m sorry I said all those things to you.”

“It’s okay. I was thinking about that too. Now, let’s go home and give our boogers a cup of hot cocoa.”

They walked home, and they had the cocoa.


The End


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