Once upon a time, there was a student bunny named Isabelle who was six years old. One day, Isabelle called Jim the dog for a meeting because Isabelle was a new student in school.

“You’re so ugly,” Jim replied, and Isabelle had no idea he was a bully dog.

Isabelle cried and threw her phone away, because she was so sad. Once Jim’s mom heard what Jim said, she told him to apologize to Isabelle immediately and scolded Jim for being rude.

So the next day, Isabelle saw Jim at school, and he apologized to her, but Isabelle still did not forgive him. So when Jim asked Isabelle to play during playtime, she told him “no” because she knew what he said was true and was still mad. Isabelle just kept playing with the kind children.

When it was lunchtime, the students were allowed to go home and eat, so when Isabelle went home, she ate her mom’s food and made a card with an ugly face on it for Jim saying, You’re ugly too, doggy. But one day, Jim’s mom and Isabelle’s mom hung out and brought Jim back to Isabelle’s home. There, the moms told their kids to play with each other.

“I don’t want to play with the ugly doggy dumpling!” said Isabelle.

“And I don’t want to play with the bunny cookie!” said Jim.

“Oh, just be nice and play together,” said the moms.

So Isabelle and Jim made up to make their moms happy and played a tea game together for the rest of the day. When Jim left, Isabelle went to sleep and snored a lot. She dreamt of her and Jim turning into emojis. Jim turned into the meh emoji, and Isabelle turned into the princess emoji, and they then ran around in Candyland and ate all the candy, and they slept in the marshmallows. Then, they saw trees, and on the trees there was chocolate, and they ate the chocolate. But they didn’t know how to find their mom and dad, and whoosh! they saw their mom and dad, but the mom and dad were chocolate statues, and then they ate their mom and dad.

And then, the doggy said, “Let’s go to the little room in the ginger house,” and they stayed in the ginger house and made things to eat by themselves.

So one day, they went outside, and they saw big scoops of ice cream because the Candyland was snowing, and the snow was ice cream. And in the Candyland there was a tornado, and the tornado was made of spaghetti, and when it rained, there were gummy bears, and if there was a big rain, there were jelly beans. Sometimes, there were hamburgers falling down, and they ate them too. One day, there was a big sun, and it melted all the candy, so the Candyland turned into only candy rainbow, so they ate. The rainbow turned into jelly beans. Then, there was a big snow, and it turned the candy into normal candy, and you could eat the ice cream again.

Then, they slept one night, and when they woke up, they thought they were still in the Candyland because it was not a dream — it was real. One day, they slept again and got to the Popsicle-Land, and there was lemonade and gum that you could jump on. You could even take a lot and get it into your mouth and then you could have a big bubble, and the bubble would give you a helmet. There was candy water, and you could go inside, and there were gummy animals in the candy water. And then, they all saw cookies that could fly through the sky, and you could sit on them and see all of Candyland, and then you would see one big lollipop, and it would float you on the candy water. There was a little girl made of candy and another girl made of chocolates. You could eat them. Then, when they ate them, they returned back home and had chocolate on their mouths.

Their mom said, “Why do you have chocolate on your mouths?”

And the dog and the rabbit said because they went to the Candyland and ate a lot of candy, and when they got home, it was a lot worse because they had to eat a lot of vegetables. Then, they slept, and they lived happily ever after. Now they never go to Candyland ever.

The end.


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