Cardinal the Kitten

There was a girl who owned a cat, and that cat had baby kittens. The girl was named Lulu, and she wanted to keep Cardinal, her favorite kitten.

Cardinal was orangey and had black all around its eyes and mouth, and that’s what made her look like a Cardinal.

But her mom said, “Lulu, you have to sell them.”

Lulu felt very mad. She tried to hide the kittens—she put them in her bedroom and locked the bedroom door. But she thought her mom would make her unlock the door, so she hid them under the covers in her bed. Her mom found out where she hid them because Lulu’s brother told the mom. 

Next, a kid walking along the street with their mom asked to buy Cardinal. The kid’s mom had told her that Lulu’s family was selling kittens and her kid was looking for a pet. Cardinal the kitten wanted to stay with Lulu. She tried to run away and hide, but Lulu’s mom caught Cardinal. The kid was named Mary.

Mary loved cats. Cardinal squirmed in the cage. Mary walked to her home holding the cage. She looked very, very happy. When she got inside, she opened the cage and hugged Cardinal. Cardinal was happy but still missed Lulu. Meanwhile, Lulu was sitting on her bed thinking about Cardinal. She wondered if Cardinal escaped from the cage and was coming to her house. She wondered if Cardinal loved her new owner, but Lulu hoped Cardinal would come back. Cardinal was having a happy life with Mary, but she was hungry.

She walked towards Mary and said, “Meow,” and Mary wondered if Cardinal was hungry.

So she got a kitty bowl and filled it with cat food. Cardinal gobbled it up. It was delicious! She never had wet cat food before, only dry cat food. But now that she tried wet cat food, she really liked it. She drank some water and went to the couch to take a nap. Lulu, on the other hand, thought Cardinal was having a happy life. She knew Mary was a nice girl and that she knew how to take care of Cardinal because Mary had a pet cat before her, and Lulu came to Mary’s house to see the cat. The next day, Cardinal woke up to a fresh new day. Cardinal looked around and noticed Mary was still asleep in bed. She walked to Mary’s bedroom, pushed the door open, and jumped on Mary’s bed. She licked Mary’s face and laid down on her floor. Mary got out of bed and walked to her mom and dad’s room. 

“Mom, can I go outside?”

“Yes,” she replied.

Mary walked outside, and with her chalk, she drew a picture of Cardinal and thought about activities she could do with Cardinal. She came back inside and got breakfast ready for the family. She poured cat food into Cardinal’s food bowl. Cardinal smelled the food and ate it while Mary’s family ate breakfast. Cardinal wondered what to play with Mary now that she got used to the new home. Mary walked to Cardinal. She told Cardinal she was going to the pet store to get a collar for her because she wanted to play with Cardinal in her backyard. Mary’s mom walked with Mary to the pet store. Mary got a collar that was Cardinal’s size, and it was red. She wrote Cardinal’s name on the collar and the address of the house. When Mary and her mom entered the house, Cardinal came to Mary. Mary put the collar on Cardinal. Cardinal tried to look at it but couldn’t. She still loved the collar!

Mary took Cardinal outside to play. Mary drew with chalk. She drew a picture of her and Cardinal. Cardinal, on the other hand, ran around in the backyard chasing a rubber ball. Mary told Cardinal that she was really good at soccer. Cardinal scored another goal in the soccer net. Mary’s mom weaved the soccer net before. The next day Mary’s mom was on the phone calling Lulu for a playdate at Mary’s house. Mary was excited because she hadn’t seen Lulu in a long time.

When Lulu came, she asked, “How is Cardinal doing?”

“Cardinal is doing great!” Mary replied.

“Awesome,” Lulu told Mary. Lulu told Mary that she could take care of Cardinal for the rest of Cardinal’s life until Cardinal had babies just like her mom. Cardinal licked Lulu, and Lulu hugged Cardinal. Lulu and Mary played for a little while until the playdate ended. The two girls and Cardinal had happy lives.

The End.

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