The Dolphin’s Adventure

Once there was a dolphin coming from school. Then there was a hurricane. It pushed her away from going home. It pushed her deep in the ocean where there was a giant squid who blocked her way. He pushed her from leaving home. The squid was as big as a ten story building. When the squid wasn’t looking, the dolphin went right past its arms. But then the squid caught him again. The squid held him and squeezed him. The dolphin was stuck with the squid until somebody saw him.

A seahorse saw them and tried to help the dolphin. It tried to distract the squid while the dolphin went out. It worked, but then it didn’t work. The seahorse got captured by the squid too. The seahorse and dolphin grabbed the squid’s arms and escaped. And then they finally got out and become friends. But the squid tried to chase them! And they ran around in circles five times. And then the squid trapped them with the net. But the dolphin and the seahorse found scissors buried in the ground, and they cut a hole in the net. And then they swam away.

They were going to go play in the park without getting seen by the squid. They played on the swings and on the slide and then they played tag. Then they went to meet the seahorse family and played until it was time to go. On the way home the dolphin saw the squid, and the squid saw the dolphin, and the dolphin was surprised because the dolphin thought that the squid would not come back. The squid grabbed the dolphin, who screamed for help. It didn’t work, so he screamed again. And then the seahorse came, and he saw what was going on, so he tried to help. He grabbed the dolphin from the squid, and they swam away. The squid followed them and tried to get them. But the dolphin and the seahorse were too fast. And then they hid, and the squid couldn’t find them. And then they said goodbye, and the dolphin went home, and they never saw the squid again. 

The End.

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