The Unicorn and the Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a unicorn and her name was Penelope. Penelope lived in a castle. She had servants that kept her company. Every day her servants would bring her back some gold. The servants were tired of digging gold and they gave up. Finally, Penelope decided that she was going by herself! She got everything and left. Back at the castle, the servants were wondering where she was.

They said, “Where is Penelope? I was gonna cook her some cake.” Meanwhile, Penelope was trying to cross a river. The river was very strong. Penelope saw a log and tried to roll it over to the river. But it was too heavy. So, she put one hoove into the river to test if the water was warm enough so she could swim in it. It was warm, very warm. She jumped in and kicked her hooves back and forth. She reached out and grabbed the land.

Penelope climbed out and shook the water off her fur.

Back at the castle, the servants were beginning to worry. The cake was beginning to get cold. Days passed and it was getting colder. Penelope had tons of gold, but she wanted more. One day, she met a dragon. The dragon had dark blue eyes and gigantic wings. She stepped back.

Then she said, “You cannot kill me!”

“I am not trying to kill you. I only want to make friends.”

“If you want to be my friend, you need to help me find more gold.”

“Okay!” the dragon shouted and they walked off to find more gold.

At last, the dragon decided that he would tell Penelope his name. He walked over to her and whispered, “My name is Spike.”

“Good to know.” And Penelope went back to work. Spike looked down and saw a hedgehog. Maybe he would be his friend.

The End