Chapter 1

Kateri, Sam, Andrew, and Kasten were watching 3D Zootopia in comfy, leaned back, reserved chairs. Oops, sorry, I almost forgot about Marisa. She is Kateri and Andrew’s mom. She was there too, of course. Sam and Kasten were not part of the Derman family, but Andrew and Kasten were very close and Sam and Kateri had been friends for as long as they could remember.

“That was a good movie,” said Andrew as they walked out of the theater.

“Yep!” said Sam as they crossed the street. Then… vroom! Two cars came rumbling down the street. Thankfully, the group was safe. They had taken a street safety class together. Kateri, Andrew, Sam, and Kasten jumped on one car and Marisa got on the other. The cars kept on rumbling down the road… in different directions! Sam put his face down on the window and stuck his tongue out at the driver.

“What are you doing?!” asked Kateri.

“Distracting the driver,” replied Sam. “Look.” The car veered into an apartment building. The driver called 911. The car stopped and the ambulance came rushing. Kateri, Sam, and Andrew were not hurt, but Kasten had a big scrape on his arm. He burst into tears. Kateri quickly silenced him. “Hide!” yelled Sam. Andrew dove under the car. Kateri jumped behind a nearby trashcan. Kasten sprinted into a hair salon. Sam dove into a trash can.

“Shh,” whispered Andrew to Kateri, who was giggling from behind her trash can. Sam started yelling at Kateri. Andrew caught words like, “nitwit,” “scandal,” and, “stupid.” The police turned their heads.

“They saw us!” said Sam, “On three, run! One, two, three!” They all piled into the car. Then… BAM!

COP CHASE!! The two cars went rumbling down the street!

“I nicked the police belts,” said Andrew. “I’m quite a good pickpocket.”

“Hardy har har,” said Kateri.

“Hey, who asked you?!”


Sam snatched the police belts from Andrew. He pulled out the police guns. “Nope! I don’t approve of violence,” said Sam.

“Why not?” asked Kateri.

“Because it’s… violence,” said Sam.

“Look, Sam!” said Kasten. “It’s a fortune telling place! Can we go?! Can we go?! Can we go?!”

“Huh. Okay, Kasten. But only very quickly.”

“I want to see if we’ll ever find Kateri and Andrew’s mom,” said Kasten.

They walked into the fortune telling place. It was called The Seeker’s Revelations. Kasten ran into the studio.

“Have fun!” said Kateri.

They closed the door of the studio. A moment later, Kasten ran out of the studio!

“What happened?” asked Andrew.

“You know what she said?! You know what she said?!” said Kasten. “She said she had a revelation. She said that she knew I was a seeker. She knew I was seeking for Kateri and Andrew’s mother. She said, ‘You will find her again, but you might lose her forever.’”

Sam walked out of the store, leading Kasten by his arm. “I don’t ever want to see that hateful woman again!”

Suddenly, a woman walked out of the studio. “Oh, did you call me hateful? Night will come and I will attack when you least expect it!”

Kateri waved her finger by her ear, creating the cuckoo sign.

“Did you hear me? Night will come, and expect attack will— wait, what?”

“Hahahahaha! Let’s go,” laughed Andrew. They jumped back in the car. The cops were getting really close to them.

“Hey,” said Kateri. “It’s my turn to drive!!”

“Okay,” said Sam. “But remember: we’re in a cop chase, so we have to switch quickly. This is not your normal day whatever,” Sam said as Kateri jumped into the driver’s seat.

Kateri started driving. She drove like she was drunk, even though she wasn’t. The cops were getting really close to them; even closer. Then the police crashed into the beat-up Mercedes Benz.

“Aww…” said Kasten. “I liked that car.”

“Hurry up!” yelled Kateri. “We’re gonna have to jump!!” Sam, Kateri, and Andrew jumped out of the car.

“Run for it!” yelled Sam. “Kasten, hurry up!”

Kasten was scared. He had never jumped out of a moving vehicle before. Sam, Andrew, and Kateri had a lot of experience from their car safety class, but Kasten had been too scared to attend the jumping part. The car went into a tunnel, and Kasten had still not jumped.

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  1. Sam this is Kateri. I just read this story. Its sssooo good! Is this based on that dream you had?Miss ya. Canadas sorta fun. Wish i could visit more. I hope to see you soon!

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