Crayon Monster

Chapter One

Crayon Monster wanted to go on the 5 train, but all the trains were out of order. He was furious! He blew rockets out of his head and mouth. They flew everywhere. Nobody got hurt. Everyone else was at home because it was early in the morning. Then he went back home.

He waited for the train to come back in. He went back to the train station, then got on the train going to Brooklyn. That was why he was not furious anymore.

He went to Brooklyn to see his mom. His mom was also a Crayon Monster. He blew rockets of all the colors out of his head and mouth because he was happy. That meant celebration. No one got hurt again.

Crayon Monster and his mom were going to have a pizza party and hang out in a movie cafe. They were going to see Transformers, and then Talking Trains after that, and then Lightning McQueen.


Chapter Two

Crayon Monster spent the night with his mom. He loved spending the night with his mom. He had another pizza party and another movie cafe. After that, he went home and had a nice sleep.

Every day, he went to his mom so they could do another cafe and then spend the night with each other. Then on Friday, he went home, and the cafe was over because it had been 10 weeks. Everybody went home except for his mom. She lived there and slept every day at her cafe home, a movie restaurant.

Every year for Christmas, his mom painted everything a beautiful style. She was sleeping until the Christmas holiday. Crayon Monster came back for Christmas so they could have another holiday.


Chapter Three

When they celebrated Christmas, they had a holiday. When Santa came, during the night while they slept, they got presents. They loved their presents. Every Christmas, they celebrated. He got his favorite Transformers and other stuff.

After Christmas, Crayon Monster went home. He exploded because he was so happy, he could pop. It didn’t hurt his mom. That’s why he went home after Christmas.


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