Sheepy the Sheep

Once upon a time, there was a killer sheep name Sheepy. Sheepy’s mom wanted Sheepy to be a gamer. But Sheepy wanted to make lots of money, and the only way he could think of getting rich was stealing. He stole a quintillion dollars from banks, shops, anything that would get him money.

Once, he tried to steal 1,000,000 dollars from a high-security zombie bank, KeyCorpse Bank. He was caught, so for the first time in his five-year career of stealing, he got out his handgun and shot three zombies in the head. Then he ran out. Since then, no one has ever seen him again. He is roaming around somewhere…

The librarian closed the book with a big thud.

“Come back on Tuesday for more of Sheepy the Killer Sheep!” she said to the children.

The children started to leave. One boy, named Owen, stayed behind because he wanted to find Sheepy and take his money so he could go to a better school.

He asked the librarian, “Where does Sheepy live?”

The librarian said, “That’s a myth. But if you really want to know, in the story, he lives at the top of Mount Everest.”

Owen set off to find Sheepy. He hiked to the lost city of Q973, where he got supplies. He got supplies there because the currency was so different.  He spent five dollars in Q973, which was equal to 5000 US dollars. He hired a big crew, and bought food and water.

His crew was a group of about 40 people, all pretty young, from age nine to sixteen. Some were girls, some were boys. They were all very muscular and tall. They were strong and healthy.

He and his crew bought tickets from Q973 to Kathmandu in Nepal, near Mt. Everest. Then, they hiked to Everest base camp, where they stayed for the night. When Owen looked up, he saw colossal snow-covered mountains pointing up into the clouds.

In the morning, they set off to the top of Mt. Everest. When they got about a quarter up the mountain, Owen noticed how cold it was. Just then, for one moment, Owen saw the shadow of a giant. He told his crew, but they did not believe him. They said it was probably just his imagination.

Owen did not believe them. He was sure he had actually seen a creature. He chased after the shadow, and his crew followed. Finally, after three long days of chasing this thing, they saw it. It was a tall man with a monkey face. He was furry, and all of his fur was white. He stood up on his two legs like a human. It was Bigfoot.

Now they had two targets: Sheepy and Bigfoot. It would be a lot of work, but they would do it. By the time they made it to the top of the mountain, they were extremely tired. Everyone lay down to rest. Owen almost immediately felt sleep wash over him.

Owen woke up to the sound of screaming. His crew had seen Bigfoot again. Owen shot up off the ground. He grabbed his net gun, and started running after the tall creature. He shot at Bigfoot, and missed just three inches away from his head. Thwap! Owen was dangling from his ankle.

He screamed, “Let me down from here now!”

Then, Owen heard two more thwaps from the distance. He screamed once again. Two members of his crew came over and let him down.

“Sorry,” they said. “Those traps were set up for Sheepy or Bigfoot to step in.”

The crew members came back with a tall man. His hands and arms had been tied up, and they had him on a giant stretcher. They had caught Bigfoot! They headed towards the bottom.

Five days later, Owen stood in the Museum of Natural History, at a podium, giving a speech. In Owen’s head, he was thinking about his next big adventure. Behind Owen was the first living animal in the museum. It was Bigfoot in a big glass terrarium. Owen went to a new school and lived happily ever after.


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