Book 2


Jason and Squitai were eating at lunch when they suddenly got attacked by voodoo! Voodoo shot a dark mega-plasma ball at them that was dark purple. Then he used his beam of plasma and shut the whole building down. The lights were still on, but all the building was broken. The wizard used his magnetic power to pick up all metal things and threw them at everyone. The people ran away and Jason pulled out his special gun kept in his pocket for one year. He used the gun to shoot poop on the wizard! The wizard was really mad! He fell over and disappeared into the ground. It made the ground rumble at the place he disappeared. Then Jason and Squitai went home. The next day their home was destroyed and the wizard was about to shoot Jason with his plasma gun, when Squitai shot the wizard with his ink gun (because he was half squid and half man).

He has a human body but the color of a squid, has one big eye, has ten arms, and he has legs twice as big as a human’s leg because a squid has two giant tentacles. He has a mouth on the bottom of his head under his chin, and he has a point on the top of his head instead of hair.

The wizard was blinded by the ink because Squitai shot it in his eye. Then, the wizard started shooting his plasma gun everywhere! It destroyed everything that was one mile away. BANG BOOM CRASH! Then, the wizard disappeared into thin air except the ink. And then the ink fell down on the ground.


The End


To be continued…

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