DJ Fly

One day, DJ Fly was walking to work through the noise of the traffic. He was working at a teacher but he was really a superhero. DJ Fly’s mom and dad were superheroes and sometimes they helped DJ Fly but usually they didn’t because they wanted DJ Fly to be a real superhero like them. DJ Fly was only a junior superhero. They all had secret identities. The mom and dad lived together in California and DJ Fly lived in the sewers in New York City. He fought Ground Man and Air Man. Even if two hundred buildings fell on them, they were still alive. Sometimes DJ Fly wished he could be normal because sometimes when he fought one hundred bad guys he became really exhausted.

When DJ Fly was walking to work, he saw something weird. The ground was shaking. When he saw the ground shaking, he remembered that happened yesterday, too. The ground was shaking because the bad guy, Ground Man, was underground, using a gadget to make it shake. Ground Man and DJ Fly used to like each other, but then they didn’t. They were mad at each other because a month ago Ground Man stole money from DJ Fly’s bank since he didn’t have any more money left. That night a month ago, he was going to steal from a different bank that Ground Man didn’t like, but by accident he went to DJ Fly’s bank and stole the money. DJ Fly was mad.

DJ Fly wanted to teach his students because it was the last day of school. Ground Man was stopping him from getting to school because he didn’t want him to see the students. Ground Man didn’t want him to see the students because he wanted to get DJ Fly’s superpowers: strength, lasers, and flying. Ground Man was jealous – he wanted to fly, but he can only make the ground shake. He had always been jealous. Even on DJ Fly’s birthday he said, “Could I have your powers?”

DJ Fly flew to the school but, after school started, DJ Fly came back and the ground was shaking. Ground Man was disguising himself as DJ Fly’s friend, Dino. DJ Fly went underground to fight Ground Man. When he got there, he was surprised to see Dino. Immediately, DJ Fly realized that this wasn’t Dino because his costume was falling off. There was an error in Ground Man’s plan. Ground Man got confused. He thought he was in his own underground lair, but he was really in DJ Fly’s lair, so it was easy for DJ Fly to trap him. When they both got in DJ Fly’s lair the doors locked. DJ Fly went out and locked Ground Man inside with no food. Then Ground Man found a little food but it was actually covered in something. The food was actually a jewel with some of DJ Fly’s powers in it!

Then Ground Man found a key because of the superpowers, so the key opened the locked doors to get out. When Ground Man got out, he opened another locked door, and then he finally unlocked the door to get out of the lair. When Ground Man got out of the lair he realized that DJ Fly tricked him. The jewel was actually Ground Man’s power! So then Ground Man’s power, when he performed it, made the ground shake, and he fell inside DJ Fly’s lair and he got trapped on purpose, by a net! He did it to himself!

When Ground Man got trapped, he had a plan. He got out of the trap and the net fell on DJ Fly. But then DJ Fly realized he could use one of his superpowers! Lasers! So DJ Fly used his lasers to break the net open.

Now that he broke the net open, he realized he hadn’t seen his Mom and Dad for five years. He started to miss his Mom and Dad. He tried to visit them every day by flying or going underwater. But every time he tried, a crime would start and he would have to come to the rescue.

So he flew to California. This time, he was successful in seeing his parents, but he could only stay for a year. This was because the last day of the year he spent with his parents – June 1 – they told him that Air Man and Ground Man were actually robots they made to teach him how to be a real superhero. So DJ Fly was surprised. He was even more surprised when he came home to the lair and saw Air Man and Ground Man frozen still. DJ Fly’s parents did this for him so he could break Air Man and Ground Man up into little pieces and he could be a real superhero. Regular superheroes just help people but real superheroes fight. And so he became a real superhero.


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