“Hehehe,” she heard on a summer night while getting ready to go to bed.

She hit the light and saw a body staring at her, so she tapped the light. But later, the body was seen in the room. She turned on the light, but the body was still there. The light turned off, and then the body was there in front of her. She punched it, and it fell down. She knocked it out cold.

She brought it to the hospital to get it examined. It was the body of a thirteen-year-old girl who died from her parents abusing the privilege of letting her play with her friends. She committed suicide with no one loving her, so the dead spirit wandered to people’s houses, trying to kill all the people who got in her way. The spirit was yelling, was trying to start rituals, and was cursing and crying.

She was already dead, but they had one hope. They had to put her in a furnace to kill her. They told her that they had to kill her. But as they were just about to dump her in, she was gone.


The doctors had to call the fuzz to come in with reinforcements. Then, out of the blue, they heard something.

“Hehe. You caught me. How about we play with my dolls,” they heard with a music box playing.

Then, out of the blue, the cops got hanged on the ceiling. Then, finally, one of the brave  cops shot her, and she fell to the ground, crying blood in her torn up dress with her very last words, “I just wanted to be loved.”

Her name, Jessica, was never spoken ever again. As the cops that were hanged had a tragic death, they were remembered as heroes. They were all organ donors. The doctors were removing the internal and external origins when they saw a black spot on the brain and knew it was a tumor.

The doctor’s knew they had to get it removed. As they were removing it, it shot a blade that impaled two of the doctors. It turned them into puppets, crying blood with spines in their hands to impale people with. The puppets impaled the other doctors. There was a man and women doctor who have been engaged for one year. They were able to escape and hid in the town hall.

They told people to come with them, because there were puppet-like creatures who are infecting and turning people into more puppets. But now, one listened to them. They had to go, so they hid there while more people got turned into puppets. The husband and wife lived on vending machine food by crashing it open. And then, all the people on Earth got turned into puppets, not knowing what reality was and what love was as they lived in vain forever.

But, with one last hope, the last husband and wife had to reproduce and build a society in the town hall. It took hundreds of years, but they made their own plant room where they made compost out of the vending machine and tangerines for vitamins. In total, there were 202 generations, some having more kids, some having less. They built weapons and trained their lives for this moment. They finally came out of the town hall and killed all the puppets. It took 146 long and faithful years, but they rebuilt and lived a new life with a new purpose.


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