Dragon Time

The light was as bright as a couch, which meant the light wasn’t that bright. Maria was in Albany sleeping. It was nighttime. She was on vacation from Florida. It was summertime, and she wanted normal weather instead of really hot and humid weather like in Florida. She got dressed, took a shower, and then she found an egg in her room. It was a blue-green egg. When she saw it, it was starting to get cracks. She was both scared and excited. She was going to have her own pet! She hoped it was a bird. Then, she heard a burst. The egg hatched, and standing there was a little baby dragon. It was blue-green. When she saw it a second later, she didn’t see it anymore. Then, it appeared again. It was using camouflage to change color, and it could understand and speak human language.

Then, she asked, “What do you want for breakfast?”

Then, the dragon said, “Bacon!”

So Maria’s dad made bacon, and then Maria named the dragon Jack. Then, Maria and her dad made waffles.

Then, the dragon said, “I want waffles!

So he got a waffle. And then, the dad made two pancakes, and he ate them.

And then, the dragon said, “I want pancakes!

So the dad made three pancakes, one for Jack and two for himself. And then, the dragon played a prank on the dad. He made his waffles taste like water from a sparkling lake. The dad ate the waffles, and his mouth was as sweet as a sparkling lake.

Then, the dragon said, “I want to go to the lake!

So they took him to the lake, and then he jumped in and started splashing everybody near the lake, and then they realized that he was a water dragon, which meant that he could shoot water out of his mouth.

The family yelled, “Yay! Now we can have free water!” They cheered.

Then, the dragon yelled, “I want to drink!

The dad asked, “What do you want to drink?”

So the dragon said, “Beer!

They asked him, “Why do you want beer?”

The dragon said, “Because, one, I want to be like a grown-up and, two, ‘cause I said so.”

So they gave him a bottle of beer. He drank the beer, and then he breathed out a jet of water into the dad’s face.

So Jack started laughing like mad, and the dad said, “That’s not funny!

Then, Maria went back to her room to play with Jack, and she found an orange-red egg in the doorway… Then she heard another burst, and there stood an orange-red dragon!

Then, he demanded, “I want to go into flames!

Then, Maria said, “Why do you want to do that? Isn’t that dangerous?”

So Maria took him into the fireplace, then lit a fire. Then, he burned the place, and then he shot a jet of fire out of his mouth into her dad’s hair, and his hair caught fire.

So he called, “Jack, put out this fire!” and Jack put out the fire in the fireplace, and then there was an ultimate dragon battle.

So Maria named the fire dragon Mark, and then the battle was Mark vs. Jack. Then, Maria went back to her room, and in the doorway she found a golden egg! Then, the egg hatched, and there stood a golden dragon!

She didn’t know what dragon it was, until the dragon said, “I’m a Dream Dragon!”

Then, she locked her eyes with Maria’s, and Maria immediately fell asleep and started dreaming right away. She dreamed about what would happen when the dragons became big. Maybe she would get the Dream Dragon, her dad would get Mark, and her mom would get Jack. She saw them flying across the skies flying back to Florida, putting out fires as they went, and Mark the prankster making fires. And then, she started playing with the Dream Dragon. Then, she named him Dreamer. Then, Mark and Jack came back into the room, and then they combined the water and fire in the room, and then Jack put it out, and there was a brown egg!

Then, the brown egg hatched, and it was an Earth Dragon. It could move stuff using its mind. So she called him Mind Mover, and then it was an ultimate dragon battle of Mark vs. Jack vs. Dreamer vs. Mind Mover. They were fighting because they were little dragons, and little dragons did crazy stuff. Dreamer put Jack and Mark asleep, so it was Dreamer vs. Mind Mover. Mind Mover used his mind to put Dreamer to sleep. Mind Mover won and then, using his mind, he put the other dragons onto a shelf. Then, he started flying around the room like mad. Then, he got the other dragons awake, so the three other dragons had to learn how to fly. Mind Mover knew how because he thought of himself flying and started flying. The other three dragons learned how to fly because Mind Mover used his mind to change their minds, so they learned how to fly. The fighting was by accident. They just felt like it one moment and felt bad that they did it the next. Then, they apologized to each other.

Then, the three dragons said to Mind Mover, “No, don’t apologize. Because of you, we learned how to fly.”

Then, they wanted to fly outside, so Mind Mover opened a window for them, and they all flew outside. They were flying around the house and, during flight, Mind Mover was planting trees left and right. They were apple trees because he liked apples. Then, Mind Mover planted a few grapes because Dreamer liked them. Then, some strawberries because Mark liked them. Then, some raspberries because Jack liked them.

Then, they came back and made another egg! It was black and white. Then, the egg hatched, and there was a dragon and its twin. It was a Moon Dragon, which was black, and a Sun Dragon, which was white. Then, since it was noon, the Sun Dragon made the sun come up, so the day would last even longer. Then, the Moon Dragon got angry that the moon would last shorter, so he made the moon come up so that it would be nighttime.

Maria was in the kitchen eating lunch, and she was like, “Wait, What?! The moon’s up already?” Then, she came back to her room, and there she saw six dragons planted in front of her. She was like, “Six dragons?! I thought there were only two!”

Then, when she left, the dragons named the Sun Dragon Light and the Moon Dragon Dark. And then, they made another dragon egg, but this time it was neon green, and out of that one rose the biggest dragon of all! He was three feet tall. He was as big as some children, even bigger than some, and he was only a few seconds old. Then, he came up and breathed fire. Then, he breathed water. Then, he put everybody asleep. Then, he made a bag of food fly over to him with his mind. He made the sun rise. Then, he made the moon rise, so that they would crash. Then, he used his own power. He could make things appear out of thin air. He made a luxury car appear outside the door out of thin air. It was a golden Lamborghini.

Then, he made the dragons get into it, and then he got into the driver’s seat and started driving around like a crazy dude. He started crashing everything, and when he crashed something, he immediately repaired the car. For the people inside the buildings and cars and on the street especially, it was really dangerous. Then, he made the car go flying over the city. Then, he made it crash land into the Great Hall to ruin a wedding feast. Then, he wrecked the place. The only place that he didn’t go to was Maria’s house. He made a force field around the house and all the berries and stuff. He didn’t want it to get hurt because that was where his family lived. Then, he came back and parked the car back into its place, and then he repaired the place.

Then, the dragons awakened, and they found themselves in the car, and they were like “What? When did we get this car?”

Then, the new dragon said, “Well, you’re lucky you do, ‘cause do you want me to turn it into powder?”

After years passed, they got older and wiser. Since they were wiser, they knew not to wreck the city and that type of stuff, and that made them nicer. They next made another egg, a white one. (Getting crowded, right?) Then, a white dragon hatched. They named him Wowy. He had all the powers. He could shoot water and fire out of his mouth, and he could put people to sleep and make them appear out of thin air, and he could make things happen only by thinking them. His own power was that he could make bigger things appear out of thin air. The green one could make a car, but this one could make a building.

Then the next year, they flew back to Florida. Then, it was the same as Maria’s dream. Maria got Dreamer, her dad got Mark, and her mom got Jack. When they got home, they were planting trees every now and then. And soon, their house was like a garden, and then they could get free food. Maria and the family and the dragons were happy. Then, Mark made steak.

Then, the family and the dragons ate the steak. The dragon ate most of it. Then, Wowy made a snake, and the dragons ate it. Wowy made a special building for the dragons, and the dragons all lived in it. Maria was allowed in it too.

They hired a special cook who made all their favorite foods and let them eat junk food. Then, Light wanted to make the day last longer, so he put the sun up higher. Then, Dark made the moon go full speed up into the sun, and they crashed!

Then, Mind Mover said, “Oh, you guys! Stop it.”

Then, he repaired the sun and the moon. Then, a mysterious egg appeared. When it hit the floor, it cracked, and it was a Sun and Moon dragon.

Jack said, “Water time!” and got out many bowls and shot a jet of water at all of them.

Then, they flew back to Florida where there were many fires, and Jack couldn’t possibly put out all of them, and the whole state burned. Mark kept making more fires. Everybody needed to evacuate out of Florida. So Maria moved into New York City. Wowy made a luxury car and started wrecking the city, and then he repaired it. Then, they met a unicorn, and Wowy started fighting with it, so he breathed fire, and the unicorn made a jet of water come out of his horn. Then, Wowy made the unicorn do a jig and breathed water at it, and the water made it crash into the wall and fall down. Then, he made the unicorn sprout wings, and they all flew together in a great formation. The unicorn was in the back with Jack. Then, they flew back to Dragon land, and they lived happily ever after.

The End!


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