Emma Learns How to Fly

Once there was a ladybug. Her name was Emma, and she loved to fly. Her mom was also a ladybug.

She told her, “Emma, you have to go to classes to learn how to fly!”

“But Mom, I know how to fly! You don’t have to teach me. I can fly by myself!” Emma said.

But her mom still insisted that she must go. But Emma was really scared because she didn’t really like going to different classes.

The day she needed to go, Emma said, “Mom, I don’t want to go! I can fly perfectly!”

“If you don’t want to go, you have to show me that you can fly!” her mom said.

So the next day, her mom said, “Show me how you can fly! Fly for ten minutes in the air and come back.”

“Okay,” Emma said.

She came back in ten minutes, and her mom said, “Wow, Emma! Did you perch on a branch for a minute?”

Emma froze. She said, “Uhh… Sorry, Mom. I didn’t! I’m trying to remember after such a long time. And have you noticed it’s actually been one hour? So you expect me to fly for one hour? I had to fly a little, but I perched on a branch for one minute.”

So her mom said, “Well done, Emma. You don’t need to go to flying school.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

The next day, Emma woke up feeling as fine as she looked.

She asked her mom, “Can I eat breakfast early? I want to go fly!”

“Of course,” her mom said. “I’m so happy that you love flying!

So she went outside and started flying. She was going too fast and hit a branch. Her wing slit a lot, and it started bleeding. She came home with one wing, and her mom said, “What happened? Are you okay?”

She took her to a ladybug hospital, and Emma stayed there for a month.

“The next time you go flying ask me to come, because if you get injured I can help you,” Emma’s mom said.

“Okay,” said Emma.

Then, she got better and came out of the hospital. She had enough courage that she could go flying with her mom.

Then Emma said, “Yay, I’m doing it! I’m not going to get hurt again.”



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