Dying Wolf (a sestina)


Do you see them? Running together. The wolves.

I like that one. The one with the fur like rain.

She looks old and wild. Strong from living in the harsh valley.

Do you see her? Oh! She will jump over the stream!

The stream is raging. She fell in! Drown… No… It is her destiny.

She will live… But no… She must awaken.


I can feel the wind in my face. My destiny is awakening.

I feel happy with friends at my side. My wolves.

I can smell human, but I don’t care. This is my destiny.

To run, to leap, to hunt. I can then see the rain.

Why is there wetness? What is wrong? Am I in… the stream?

This is not home. Where are the flowers? The grass? Where is the valley?


“She is gone… we should leave this valley.”

But no… she will — she must awaken.

“She will swim. She will swim out of the stream.”

“It is time to leave. We must leave them. The wolves.”

No. You go. I will watch the one with the fur like rain.

“It is her destiny. She will live it. It is her destiny.”


Where did she go? My mommy? Is it her destiny?

Where is Mommy? Is she hiding in the valley?

Where is Mommy? The mommy with the fur like rain.

Mommy! Is she dead? She must awaken!

But Mommy cannot be gone. She will never leave the wolves.            

Why is Mommy there? In the stream?


“Wolf #34 is in the stream.”

The chopper whirs. “Is this her destiny?”

“We have to get to the wolves.”

“We have to get to the valley.”

“She’s going to awaken.”

“No…  it’s the one with the fur like rain.”


Look! Rangers! In the chopper! Will they save Rain?

“I see Wolf #34 in the stream.”

Mommy must awaken…

This is my destiny…

“We’re landing in the valley.”

We have to save the wolves…


We have to save Rain and the wolves!

“We’re in the valley. Wolf #34 is in the stream.”

This is my destiny… I will not awaken…


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