Excerpt from Different


Chapter Eleven



Peter flipped down the hill and landed hard on his backside. He grunted and stood up, wobbly. He limped a couple paces until being knocked to the ground by an irresistible force. He felt a cloth being placed over his mouth. Peter’s eyes darted around looking for anyone to signal to. Lathan and Scarlett were nowhere to be found. Peter strained to look behind him and saw Chews Abel standing over him, holding his hands in the air.


“Yes Peter, I’m Different.


Electricity and light flew off of his hands, burning Peter, making him jolt and spaz.


“Chews.” He lifted his head. “Stop.” Chews slapped his hands to his sides and smiled.


“Ah Peter, so weak. So… pathetic,” Chews whispered. Chews fell to his knees and stared into Peter’s eyes. Wind rushed around Peter’s head, making his hair curl and flop. His blonde bangs flew into his face, making his vision blurry. He rubbed his eyes and took deep breaths, making his heart beat slow. Chew’s eyelid twitched and his stood up. Peter’s hair fell back into place, and he attempted to pull himself up. He used all his strength to sit up, but then immediately fell back down. He opened his mouth, ready to demand reason, but no words came out. He tried again, only to get the same results.


“Want to know what I’ve done? Oh, nothing much. Just something so that you will suffer until the end of your days. I’ve taken your strength, taken your sound, your words, your voice. Yes, Peter,” Chews breathed. “Differents can do more than you know.” He plodded up the hill, but then turned back. “Oh, and your friends? Don’t worry about them, they’re in good hands,” he simpered and left. Peter could hear his boots pounding against the grass as he climbed up the steep hill. Peter could feel his heart pounding in his ears. Sweat dripped down his cheeks and landed in the muddy grass before him. Peter thrust his hands towards the mud. Sweat poured down his face, making a bigger puddle. Peter placed his hand shakily in the puddle and moved his hand in a circular motion.


“I. Will. Get. Him,” Peter mouthed. He pulled his hands furiously to the side. Then a bird swooped down and landed on his back. Peter shrieked and then blacked out.




“I LAY! Searching through the shreds, the horror, the blood, the cuts, the the debris, the dross…the pain, the agony, the terror-”




“Shut up, Chika!” Tears slid down her face. “Don’t you understand? We’re ruined. Ruined! Dead! Killed! Stabbed! Murdered!” She let her cranium hit the floor and she lay, motionless, on the wooden ground of the lobby.


“Si!” she felt a hard slap across the back of her head. Her lip was pushed into the hard cement and her jaw suddenly felt numb and she jumped to her feet.


“Who did that!” she looked around. Hibikee stood, towering over her. Si raised her hand in a fist, but he grabbed it and flung it backwards.


“If we want to survive we have to stick together. We can’t be over dramatic,” he stared at Si. “Scared, frightened, worried, and we can not think the worst. Understood?” They nodded. “Good!”


“But Hibikee! Our crest was just broken! We are weaker, powerless, de-”


“Si! We understand! You have made yourself clear! But as long as we work together, and try the best we can, we can be amazing!” Hibikee yelled. She watched as Hibikee waved his hand in the air, and grinned from ear to ear. Si felt defeated, angry, in pain. She growled and raised her lip up and down, her eyebrows furrowed. Then suddenly she stopped. Her head became clear of thought. She stared deep into Hibikee’s eyes and tilted her head, thinking.


“Just think…” Hibikee murmured. She suddenly felt infatuated with his courage and bravery. She hid her smile and stared at the shattered glass before her.


“So what should we do first?” Araki questioned.


“Well, we could head towards that small piste.” Chika indicated to a snowy peak. “We could see if there is civilization! We could ask for help!” They headed down the road.


“Is that part of the community?” Araki jumped in the air, trying to get a glimpse over the hill.


“Araki! Araki!” Si held him down. “Calm down, you’re not going see anything.” The tramped up the slope, Si wearing her “beautiful” pajamas, Hibikee sporting a blue onesie covered in Superman fan art, Chika’s shirt displayed her cosplay of Spider Woman, Araki wearing a long sleeve shirt with the worlds “Marvel” printed neatly in bold typing, and black slacks that seemed to be thrown on. Araki adjusted his leather belt and latched his hand onto a rock in the snow.


“What’s with the superhero, superheroine theme today?”


“I guess it’s just a coincidence!” They stopped when they reached the top of the hill and looked down. The hill went downward, it wasn’t steep, but it wasn’t easy to climb down. Si felt something slimy touch her ankle. She turned and gasped. There sat a dog, a small white puppy with a black spot around his tail. His eyes were large, brown, and adorable. Si slowly took a seat in the snow and pat the puppy gently on his head.


“What the…” Araki joined her, and soon they were all crowded around the dog. “Where is he from?”


“Probably somewhere down there.” They stared down at the multiple houses and lights that shined everywhere. “He’s so…so nummy!” They turned and saw throngs of children and adults hiking up the slope, carrying lanterns, and sticks.


“Hello!” they greeted them.


“Where did you — ” they recoiled and started to head hurriedly back down the hill. Questions filled their minds. Are they Different? Are they safe? Are they…human?


“We come in peace,” a man shouted. “And we have come to help!”

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