Going to Find the Ghoulians

Chapter One


Once upon a time, two kids named Sam and Jack were reading a book and they found out that there were people living on Mars. But you had to go through a 78 square mile maze with trick things like a half man half ___ and a square mile of raining tanks, but they thought they could do it so they asked their mom and dad to work at the government. They printed money for 600 days and collected $500 a day so they could buy a spaceship deluxe and a driver for $300,000. They got $200,000 and then the president came and they fell down and the president saw people not printing money, but stealing it, so they went to jail.

So the two kids had to buy a spaceship minus for $200,000 but then they had to get someone to drive the spaceship because there were 27 explode buttons and 13 drive buttons so they said that they were poor and homeless and they got $22. And then they bought a spaceship minus driving book and then they got in the spaceship minus and they saw a photograph of the correct spacesuits. So they snuck into another spaceship minus and got the correct spacesuits and got in their spaceship minus and started. Then they almost got to the maze but Sam fell on an explode button and then the ship exploded. But lucky for them, they landed on the maze 56 ninety ninths through.

Just then, it rained 500 pound weights, then it rained super hot spikey pasta, then you chose coffee or vodka. One took vodka, one took coffee, so one was walking zig zag and one was jumping all around, so one jumped up and carried the other and they got there. They said “backvgvhgv tawgijg,” and they got let in and they saw a sign that said welcome to Mars, home of the Ghoulians!!! And they also saw things with 3 legs, 2 feet per leg, 16 eyes, 4 mouths that go down, 34 ears on top of there heads, 2 toes per foot and leg and 6 heads (that fight a lot). They were also very cute. They wanted to take 1 home for a pet.


Chapter Two


So they tried to get a Ghoulian, but then 2 ears of the Ghoulian sunk into their head and 2 guns came out and it shot down onto the two kids. Then they were in an unbreakable trap. They were trapped in the trap for 20 years and then they still wanted to take a Ghoulian. So, then the Ghoulians put them in the Human Zoo where Ghoulian families come to watch you play around with the wheel hanging from the ceiling from a rope and at special times get fed with carrots and some Ghoulians go into the cage with carrots from Planet Earth by taking their special magnets that got carrots. At first the carrots were amazing and then they could get tasteless

Then there was someone who got sick there and their eyeball popped out and then it died. And then, in nighttime when the Ghoulians were asleep, they took the body and hid it so they could take it back to planet Earth. After 10 years, you got let out, so Sam and Jack tried to go out and then they went out but they couldn’t find their spaceship but luckily they were in their spacesuits so they floated in space and then they realized that they didn’t have their spaceship so they had to try to go down to Earth by waving their arms up and down so then they could get back down to Earth and it worked but the problem was, you could only move 50 miles a day so they were stuck doing that for 20 years then they finally saw Earth but then they saw that they were over a volcano so they landed in the volcano and lucky for them it was a fake volcano that scientists used to check out what volcanoes are like. It “exploded” and then they got to go out but then they realized they were on a scientist island so they asked a scientist how they could get out.

The scientist said, “This is a scientist island.” The only way that we can get out is by flying on flying chickens because this is a very high room and only flying chickens can break through the roof. So, you will have to use a flying chicken, but there is a fee of fifty dollars to rent one. So then they looked around in their pockets and then they realized that they have something from the Ghoulian’s home on Mars. So, they told the scientists that this is something from the Ghoulians and the scientists loved that idea because they didn’t have something from Mars from the Ghoulians but they had a lot of other stuff like lava from Mount Vesuvius or a dinosaur. So, they accepted it and they got a flying chicken.
Chapter Three
But then, they saw other scientists on flying chickens with helmets and those kinds of gear. So, they asked the scientist if they could have some helmets and gear.

And then the scientist said, “I guess the Ghoulian body you gave us was really cool and it would be waaay more than fifty dollars, so I will give you helmets, gear, and I will also teach you how to ride on the flying chicken.”

So they followed the scientist into the flying chicken testing and training room and the scientist said, “This is the room where all our flying chickens get tested to see if they can fly and if they are more than 2 feet tall and they get trained with people and people get trained with them. There are even flying chicken teachers. So, you will be going in flying chicken #32’s room, which you will meet in 16 minutes. And, you will meet and ride with flying chicken #32”.
They went to the room for flying chicken #32. The scientist stayed with them to supervise. And, the flying chicken would give them turns and teach them tips and in the end,  they would get to ride on the flying chicken’s back and do really fun stuff like ride on the flying chicken roller coaster. But, you would have to find how you got past the loop and the tricky turns. And, the kids thought it would be really fun and easy.

So, then, they got on and then the flying chicken’s back lifted up, rocket propellers stuck up, and then the flying chicken said, “Second thoughts? Well, too bad! Get ready to scream in threee, twooo, onnne, screeeaaammm”.

And then, they went up a really fast hill. And then, they thought that there are no seatbelts. How would they stay on? And then, they realized that there were a couple of buttons on the flying chickens pressed a button. but, they pressed the wrong one. It was the we’re going on a loop button. So, then the flying chicken tried to push up so it could stay on the loop. So, then the kids freeeaaakked out. They almost screamed their heads off. And then, they pressed the bumpy road button. So, then suddenly it went up and down and up and down and they didn’t know what to do and then they finally pressed the going up the hill button. But, it was almost at the top of the hill and it was ready to go down a really bumpy hill. And then, so they knew where the bumpy road button was. And then, they thought that the going downhill button would be next to the going uphill button. But, they pressed it and they were wrong. Now, they were going underwater. So, then, the flying chicken was pushing down while it was going up and down and the flying chicken almost exploded! But luckily, it didn’t.

The going under water button was a very bad choice, but it pushed them so hard that the track broke. Lucky for them, they pressed the going under water button and it was the part when they were going over water so then all they had to do was press the bumpy road button again. And then, it was only the going under water button. And then, the next part of the roller coaster was a loop, but they couldn’t go on it. So, they looked for a button differentiating paper so they could press the steering wheel button. Now the knew how to steer so they steered to an island but that island was part of the roller coaster and that part of the roller coaster has the worst part because it was the part for people who wanted to escape. For example, there is a REAL shark, DEADLY PINEapples and weird holua men who shoot XXXXXXL bullets from their belly buttons.
When Sam saw the pineapples he didn’t want to go so he thought that all scientists must have underwater labs. So, he looked at the button, differentiating card and he looked for the ‘going underwater’ button. So, they pressed the “going underwater” button and the flying chicken pushed down. And then, before they knew it they were underwater. And then, they also pressed the “going downhill” button so the pressure on the sand on the bottom of the ocean was even harder. So, finally they got to the scientist’s underwater labs. It was a modern place, shaped like a dome and it was made out of glass. So first, Jack tried pressing the “zombie’s crossing” button, which makes you go really fast so no zombies catch you. But, they couldn’t push through the glass because the glass was unbreakable. And then, after that, they looked in and they saw a few robots going around like really weird people screaming, “People trying to break in, people trying to break in!”

There were sirens going off and they were really loud. Sam and Jack both felt scared. And Sam said to Jack, “I know how to get in. All I have to do is look at the button differentiator card because I think I saw a chicken and riders turn invisible.” So Sam looked at the button differentiator and he saw the “flying chicken and riders turn invisible” button so he pressed it and they turned invisible .but the robots can see invisible people and the robots shot 1,000,000,000,000 pound people at them.

They hit the robot octopus, which was used for many experiments. And they also hit the remote control coral. There was a big explosion. And when something explodes, the water turns pink and then the water’s texture gets weird. Very weird. And now it’s hard for the robots, animals, and the remote control seashells to swim. Jack thought that the chicken was a very fun thing, so he decided to ride on its head. And he also thought that standing on its head while jumping and saying made up words when he thought that they were real English words. Then, the very heavy and sweaty sumowrestlers were sumo wrestling in air and almost hit him. Just a little armpit hair touches him. Jack is thinking, ew gross this is disgusting. He was also thinking, I can’t believe that I didn’t get killed.

Meanwhile, Sam was thinking a lot and he opened the secret door on the flying chicken’s back. So he uses the button differentiator and suddenly he sees this great button, an “operate by your brain” button. It had a big picture of a biiig brain. He pressed that button and it does whatever your brain thinks. And he’s thinking, please, just…get..me..and my friend…out of..here…

and then the flying chicken suddenly shot the bunch of de-energy bullets.  I(t’s the only kind that can kill robots because it takes out all the energy of the robots.

Jack was saved.

After the biiig mistake Jack was so mad he almost killed Sam but he shot all the robot and they all died because it is the only bullet that can kill robots. After that they got into the lab and they found flying chicken #32’s operating lap top and made the roller coaster stop and made them return to the end of the roller coaster and then the scientist saw that they had passed the test and that they could go home but he still stayed with them just to make sure. first they had to take the shuttle to to flying chicken airport there were 527 flying chickens (including theirs).They were thinking so much that they felt  like their brains were oozing out of their heads.They were also worried.

Finally they got there.They were sooo worried.The scientist left.

Chapter 4: The Flight

They were there at the airport at the runway.They were going to be taking off after 76 chickens.

“This chickenport is busy!” Said Jack. It felt like 100 whole years before they took off, but they reeeaaally wanted to get home so they had no choice. They finally took off.

When they took off they saw that it was going to be fun and scary.the first place they saw was Hong Kong. They noticed that something had changed because Hong Kong was more modern. After that they saw a robot dragon. It was like a real dragon.They had a big battle.The dragon breathed fire and unburnable butcher knifes. This is terrible” said Jack. Then the dragon flew to kansas they followed. He tried to land on a volcano but he landed in a volcano then they flew to their hometown Nebraska.

They got home and saw their mom and thier mom said, “Hi kiddies! Where have you been?”

And Jack said “It’s a long story, honey” doing a perfect imitation of his dad. If his dad was there he would of been in trouble for imitating him but he was at Mah Jong restaurant a Chinese restaurant he made a lotta money because people love buying Mah Jong’s specialty stuffed rats stuffed with rotten shark. And Sam said “Yeah I agree.”

And they went into their house and their mother gave them each a big kiss. Then the next day they had a special public ceremony in there town and at the ceremony they had everything that they liked like XXXXXL iPads and limited edition candies.

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