Finding the Keys


Chapter One

“Wake up! Wake up!” screamed both of my sisters.

“Okay, okay. I’m awake.”

I am Tracy Diamond. I am nine years old. I have two younger sisters who are twins and two older brothers who are also twins. I am the middle child. Right after I say I’m awake, my brothers run into my room and jump on my bed. I am used to this. It happens every morning in my house. I throw my favorite stuffed toy at my siblings, my fairy. I know fairies aren’t real, but I really wish they were. Anyways, I shoo my brothers and sisters away when my mind drifts over to my dream I had last night. There were some keys and a voice saying I had to find out what they were for. They only told me one thing, “Find the keys, find the clue. Find the clue, use the clue. Use the clue, find the meaning. Find the meaning, your journey adjourns.” I wrote this quote down on a piece of paper, stuck it in a drawer, and went to breakfast.

I thought about the quote as I ate breakfast. I had a million questions. Who was talking to me? How was I going to find the keys? Was I going to find the keys? All of these questions and more kept lingering in my mind the whole day. During math, science, physical education, and the rest of the school day, the keys were all I could think about. It was like I couldn’t focus on anything at school except the keys. I nearly slammed into my best friend while walking in the hall. I was glad when the school day ended. I could go home and think about the keys.


Chapter Two

When I got home, I noticed the house was strangely quiet. When you’re me, your house is never quiet. So, it was surprising when there was silence in the house. I searched the whole house but couldn’t find anyone. The only thing I kept seeing in each lock or thing that required a key were the keys from my dream. Everywhere I looked, all I saw were the keys. Finally, after seeing them for about the one millionth time, I grabbed at the keys. But, my hand went straight through. I tried again and again, and each time, my hand went straight through. That’s strange, I thought. Every time I try to grab it, my hand goes straight through. It’s like an illusion. That’s when it hit me. Some of the keys were illusions.

I started going through the house, feeling each key. When a slam came from the front door, I knew I would have to finish later. My brothers were home.

You are probably wondering why I couldn’t keep checking the locks and stuff for the real keys, but if you have a sibling, then you would know that siblings are bound to try and stick their heads in your business. So, I headed back to my room and locked the door. But, when I was locking the door, I ran my hand along the keys, and they scratched me. It was then that I realized that I had found the keys.


Chapter Three

I took the keys out of the lock and went inside. I took out the piece of paper that had the quote and read what it said to do after finding the keys. “Find the keys, find the clue. Find the clue, use the clue. Use the clue, find the meaning. Find the meaning, your journey adjourns.” But, I couldn’t think of was how some old keys could help me “find a clue.” After thinking about it for what felt like forever, I went downstairs to have dinner but instead found my whole family staring at me.

“What?” I asked, with a confused look on my face.

“You’re late,” my mother replied. I just stared at her.

“Late for what?”

“For dinner,” both of my sisters squeaked at the same time.


“You’re never, I repeat, never late for dinner,” said my brothers and dad at the same time in a very firm voice.

“Again, so?” I asked. “Can’t I be late once in a while?”

“NO!” screamed my whole family at once.

“You guys are going crazy. I’ll eat in my room.”

I walked back to my room and ate quietly. I couldn’t believe my parents and siblings were making such a big deal out of nothing. After dinner, I took my plate downstairs and went to brush my teeth. I was at the bathroom door when I remembered my fork was still upstairs. When I got to my room, next to the keys and under my fork there was a message. A pair of socks was taped to the message.

You found the clue. Now, wear these socks for three days. After those three days, you’ll find the meaning of the keys. And the keys will live with you for the rest of your life. Also, you can take the socks off for only these two reasons: you’re taking a bath, or you need to wash the socks. But other than that, you must keep them on.

So, I put on the socks and went to brush my teeth and sleep.

The next day, I wore my socks to school. They were so itchy. I couldn’t stop itching my feet, but I knew if I took them off, I wouldn’t find the meaning, and I had to find the meaning (for reasons unknown). So, I wore them for the rest of the three days.

Finally, I thought. I can take these stupid, annoying socks off. I took them off and threw them into the trash. And from the trash, a blue slip of paper shot out at me. It said that I was the protector of the keys. The most amazing part was that the keys were the keys to the city of fairies.

The End!


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