Color Wars: The Ghouls Strike Back

Blue was sleeping in his king size bed. Then, he heard a noise and sat up. He looked around. Suddenly, the Ghoul Eraser materialized in front of him, and he saw darkness. Then, he slumped onto his bed, unconscious, and he dematerialized.

Red had a dream that Blue was kidnapped by the Ghoul Eraser. He woke up, looked around, and then thought, Must be my imagination. He went back to sleep and had the same dream. And again. And again. And again! Then, Red thought, Maybe, it actually happened! Red walked out of his bed and got to the stairs.

“Blue!” Red shouted.

Then, the Ghoul Eraser materialized in front of him also! Then, he slumped down on the stairs, unconscious, and he slithered down the stairs to the bottom. After that, he also dematerialized.

Purple woke up and looked at his hand. 10:01 A.M. appeared on his hand and he said, “Blue should have woken us up already. Maybe something happened to him!”


Yellow couldn’t believe his ears when Purple told the Color Clan what his theory was about the disappearance of Blue and Red.

“But that’s impossible!” Yellow said. “We defeated him, remember?”

“Maybe when White died, we missed something. Like maybe we weren’t supposed to shoot him.” Purple said.

“Even so, we have one-of-a-kind defense. How would he break through them?” Yellow said.

“Maybe he can teleport now,” Purple said.

“That would be bad… say, where did you get this theory?” Yellow said.

“Purple! The goo you found is a 100% DNA match to the Ghoul Eraser!” said Silver the scientist.

“Do I really have to answer that?” Purple said.

“Oh, come on! Anyways, how are we going to save Blue and Red?” Yellow said.


Blue and Red found themselves in a desolate, gloomy area with no light except for a strange, glowing ball that had the same unknown coloring as the Ghoul Eraser.

“Red! You got teleported also!” Blue exclaimed.

“So, this is where you were taken. It makes me feel… kind of dead,” Red noted.

“YOU ARE CORRECT…” boomed a loud voice.

“Who are you?” Red and Blue asked simultaneously.

“… YOU WILL FEEL KIND OF DEAD,” continued the loud voice.

I said, who are you?” Red rashly exclaimed.

“DON’T YOU DARE ‘I SAID’ ME!” exclaimed the loud voice. Then, a shadowy figure materialized into sight. “IT’S ME… THE GHOUL ERASER! NOW, YOU WILL BOW TO ME!”

“NEVER!” Blue and Red shouted.



Then, electricity passed up both Blue’s and Red’s arms, and they were screaming at the top of their lungs.

“MUAHAHAHAHA!” cackled the Ghoul Eraser. “You are now Indigo and Maroon, dark versions of Blue and Red!”

“Yes, Master,” said Indigo and Maroon. The good had been sucked out of them, but they could still look like Blue and Red.

“Hehehe!” chuckled the Ghoul Eraser.


“Listen up,” Purple said. “I have a plan. Orange, you go to the Gorge of Doom and see if you spot anything. Green, go to the frozen lava pit and see if anything is ‘out of nature.’ Yellow and I will go to the resting spot of the Ghoul Eraser. I’ll take the blaster. Let’s go!”

“Aye aye, captain!” said Orange, Yellow, and Green.

So, they split up to look for Blue (Indigo) and Red (Maroon).


Eventually, Orange and Green returned to find Purple and Yellow talking with Blue and Red!

“Hey guys!” Blue shouted.

“W — what happened to you guys?” Green asked.

“Nothing! We escaped!” Blue answered.

“I don’t know… something seems fishy here,” said Orange.

“That’s because we aren’t Blue and Red. They are still with the Ghoul Eraser. We are Indigo and Maroon, dark versions of Blue and Red!” Indigo cackled as he and Maroon revealed themselves.

Indigo threw a stone at Orange, and he got knocked unconscious.

“Blue! We are friends,” said Purple. “Remember when you helped me not give up on magic when I discovered it? Look at me now! Thanks to you, I almost figured out how to fly by now! All thanks to you!”

“Red,” said Yellow. “Remember when you saved my life by pulling me out of the blacksmith armory trench during the lava refill? Thanks to you, instead of swimming in lava, I’m swimming in gold! All thanks to you!”

“We are not enemies, we are friends, so let this curse and hatred end! Say it with me, Yellow!” Purple said.

We are not enemies, we are friends, so let this curse and hatred end!” Purple and Yellow said together.

“W — where are we?” Blue asked.

“Someplace safe,” Purple answered with a broad smile.


“Δύναμη, δύναμη, Typhon, σας καλώ!” chanted the Ghoul Eraser.

“Why do you summon me?” asked Typhon.

“So I can steal your POWER!!” boomed the Ghoul Eraser. The Ghoul Eraser absorbed Typhon.



“NOW I AM FREE!!” boomed Deathwish. “I AM DEATHWISH!!”


Suddenly, the Color Clan saw a giant monster with snakes for hair, blades for teeth, and red-hot rubies for eyes. It drooled and burped lava and cried acid venom.

“W — what… is… that?!” Yellow cried out.

“I am clueless,” Blue calmly said. “RETREAT!!”

Yellow gathered his senses and said, “Listen up. Did we come here to run away? No. We came here to fight for Color World and for ourselves. We will stand our ground and fight to the death! For Color World!!”

Yellow ran towards Deathwish and found a metal pole. He charged toward Deathwish. Suddenly, the metal rod burst with light and he struck Deathwish. Deathwish burst with light.

“NOOO!!” Deathwish screamed. There was nothing left of him.

“Are you okay?” Blue asked Yellow.

“This changes everything,” Yellow said.


The End (for now)…



“With this sequel to COLOR WARS, Elijah has given us not only a fun action-packed tale, but a story about the profound power of friendship.“


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