Fire and Ice: A New Home

Once upon a time, there was a dragon who lived in a castle. The dragon loved adventure. It was red and orange, and was named Fire. Fire hated living in a castle, and he was about to go on an adventure. He had already explored near the castle, but not in the forest.

Fire started walking towards the forest, but tripped on a vine. He blew out fire at it to get it off. Then, he spotted a temple made of stone. He looked at it, surprised. He went down into the temple and found a puzzle. He tried to figure it out. On his first try, it opened a chamber downstairs. He went in and found another puzzle that led to a chest with diamonds and gold. Excited, he walked back to his castle and put it in his treasury downstairs.

Back in the forest, he found a cave. He thought, Perfect! I never wanted to live in the castle anyways! So he started building and moving furniture.

He moved the chest he had found into the cave that had nothing in it. Underneath, he found three diamonds and put them in his treasury in his new home. He was sitting down. He got up and explored more.

He found another dragon, that was light blue and dark blue, named Ice. He had never seen the strange, all-blue color on a dragon before. Ice asked where Fire had come from. He told Ice that he was moving from the castle outside the woods, and was moving into the cave.

Fire saw a treehouse high up. He asked Ice if that’s where he lived.

Ice replied, “Yes.”

Fire told Ice to come to the cave he found. He asked Ice if he liked exploring. Ice replied that he was exploring and that he just left his house. Fire asked Ice if they could explore together.

Ice said, “Yes,” and they started exploring another temple within ten minutes. The puzzle was the same, but the chest had five diamonds and one piece of metal. Fire kept the earnings in his treasury.

He went to sleep when he heard something in the distance. Suddenly, a monster popped towards him!

Fire breathed fire, flaming towards the monster. He won.

Ice popped out of nowhere. Ice asked, “Are you okay, Fire? Those monsters came to our forest to raid our wood!”

Suddenly, another popped out of nowhere. Ice froze it with his freezing fire.

They decided to protect the forest with crystal walls.


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  1. I was impressed By Anthony’s clear and detailed summary of the Fire and Ice story. He made it interesting, informative and it was obvious that a lot of thought was put in to this effort. Keep up the good work, Anthony!

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