The Cat Wanted a Ball of Yarn

The cat wanted a ball of yarn. The cat had run out for yarn. She knew it was in the attic, but there were ghosts in the attic. They were guarding the yarn. The cat went into the attic and ran out when she saw the ghosts! She came back later, and the same thing happened. The cat went in with a cat-sized Ghostbusters laser, but the ghosts dodged the laser. She tried again, but the same thing happened. She tried with a Ghostbusters grenade, but it did not affect the ghosts.

She went to get a water pistol, went to church, and got the water pistol filled with holy water.

She went back to the house and to the attic. She shot the ghosts, and they wailed and dissipated. She ran to the yarn, but then she saw a shadow move! Suddenly, five zombies walked out.

They said, “We are the guardians of this sacred yarn, born from the darkest fires of Earth’s core and the thread made out of souls! You shall not pass!!”

They ran towards the cat! The cat dodged the zombies, ran out of the attic, and closed the door behind her as fast as possible. She devised a new plan.

She went to the zombie store, bought the Z-BEGONE spray, and ran back to the attic. She sprayed the zombies, but she forgot something. Her spray was for dumb zombies! She ran back and tried to think of something, but she decided to take a break.

Then, she went to the zombie store and and bought SMART-Z BEGONE. She went back and sprayed the zombies with it, and the zombies died for the second time.

She ran to the yarn, but a ghost in a suit of armor popped up and attacked her. She wasn’t scared. She ran out and looked for a GHOST-BEGONE, but there was no spray for that.                                                                                                   

She looked in ghost stores, but there was no armored-ghost spray. So she decided to make some herself. She went to and bought ingredients for her concoction to make a ghost destroying potion. The trick was to make the ghost drink it. She tried to think, but she needed a nap. The nap made her happy, and she knew how to do it. She dressed as a lady ghost and went to the attic.

She said, “Hello!”

The ghost heard her and kissed the fake ghost. They had a nice dinner, and the cat poured the potion into the ghost drink. The ghost disappeared.

The cat took off the disguise and ran to the yarn, but she ran into a ball of slime. It was a two by two inch that kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Then it nearly filled up the attic. Green soldiers, that had guns, came out. The cat ran, got a machine gun from storage, and shot the green men, but nothing happened to them. She got a large atom bomb, and it exploded. But the green soldiers absorbed the bomb, and nothing happened to them. She put a large hydrogen bomb in one, but nothing happened again. Then, she put a thousand tonne megaton bomb in them, but nothing happened. She didn’t know what to do, so she called in the military (she was on good terms with them) but still nothing happened. She got a flamethrower and flamed the green men. It had an effect! The green men crumbled into dust and glass!

The cat had an idea. She got a cat sized jet pack. She destroyed the thing, flew to the yarn, and snatched it. There were some holes in the attic, but everything turned out okay. She played with the yarn and then took a nap. She was very happy.


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