Fire Emblem

“Bonus Page”


Chrom – The Leader

Roy – The Fire Hero

Marth – The Speedy Gonzalaz

Ike – The Fearless knight

Robin – The magic witch

Lucina – The Antagonist

Lucina’s Minions – The Minions of Lucina

The Civilians – The Civilians

Xander Mobus – The Announcer




So this is a story about five young warriors, Ike the fearless knight, Robin the magic witch, Marth the speedy fighter, Roy the flaming hero, and Chrom the British leader of the team. They all try to kill the evil queen, Lucina. Why? Because she has trapped the other warriors in dungeons. I don’t think they should kill her and just, well… lock her up instead of the warriors. Okay, enough about them and more about the story. Hope you enjoy it.


“Ahh! What-a lovely day,” said Ike as he was at the pub. While Chrom was at his part-time job as a blacksmith, he noticed Ike was supposed to be with him because he was a blacksmith as well. And Ike was not there! After a few seconds of looking around he knew two things. He snuck out of work and he was busted. Chrom knew he was at the pub. He felt annoyed because Ike loved beer and he always went to the pub.

Meanwhile at Marth’s place, Marth and Robin were ready to kill Queen Lucina but Roy, Chrom, and Ike were not. “I’m glad I am 12, because I’m the youngest in the group, ha!” said Roy randomly as he was watching his favorite childhood TV show, SpongeBob. Than Ike came home to Roy and helped him get ready for battle and gave him many fighting tips some that he knew already. Someday Chrom was thinking, his 2-year-old son would get ready for battle. Roy was glad he was the youngest because he didn’t have the fear of dying of old age.


Meanwhile at Queen Lucina’s kingdom, her minions were rushing around in the trash and found a newspaper. They read it because it was the only “entertainment” they had. And it said the Fire Crew (Roy, Marth, Robin, Ike, And Chrom) were going to kill Queen Lucina. The minions had to warn Lucina right away! So this just basically caused havoc over the city. Lucina jumped to action and went straight to Fire Crew’s City. The ground started rumbling and-

“AHH,” said Marth.

“C’mon everybody, go go go!” said Chrom.

“Yes sir!” said Robin.


The minions started coming and invading everybody’s houses for weapons so they could fight the Fire Crew, but there was a downside. Lucina’s minions don’t know where the blacksmith shop was and everybody’s houses only had silverware. Lucina’s minions didn’t know what weapons were and they just thought that silver objects were weapons. But there was about ten million minions and the six of them were as strong as Ike’s sword.


“Bonus Page”


Lucina’s minions looked like purple chubby bears but with a suit of gold armors on and had blue diamond swords about the size of two normal-sized adults that smelled like rotten donuts.


So Lucina’s minions searched and searched until they found some…silverware. “ATTACK!” said Lucina’s minions.

“Wait, wait, wait, you guys are using silverware,” said Chrom. “Silverware, what’s that? We have weapons,” said Lucina’s minions.

“Just because they’re silver doesn’t mean they’re weapons,” said Ike.

“Yeah, you have to go to the blacksmith shop to get weapons,” said Marth.

“Where is that exactly?” said Lucina’s minions.

“Oh just make a left on Viagra street,” said Marth.

“Thanks,” said Lucina’s minions, rushing to Viagra street.

“MARTH! Why did YOU do THAT?!?!” said Chrom in a deep voice.

“Sorry sir,” said Marth in a scared voice.

“Well, well, well, look who it is,” said Lucina.

“How did you get here?” said Roy and Robin at the same time. Then Lucina’s minions rushed into battle with real weapons this time.

“3…2…1…Fight!” said Xander Mobus.


Chrom Vs. Lucina’s Minions

Chrom slashed his sword and since Lucina’s minions don’t know how to use “swords” yet, Chrom won by default. And the minions gave up.


Roy Vs. Stronger Minions

Roy lost against the stronger minions, maybe because he’s twelve?


Marth Vs. Lucina’s Decoy

Marth won because Ms. Decoy messed up. Because if robot make one mistake they lose and Lucina needs her minions but if she doesn’t have her minions she’s pretty much poop.


Ike Versus 9 million minions!

It was a tie. They both gave up because it was too hard. Lazy people.



Chrom Vs. Lucina Queen of the Darkside

Chrom won! The whole city is saved!


But there was one more thing they needed to do…

Save the other warriors!

Except they lost Marth’s sword because it broke during the battle.


So they rushed to Lucina’s Kingdom In a snowstorm.

“Uhh…I feel sick,” said Ike.

“We have to save the other warriors, Ike. C’MON, MAGGOT!” said Chrom.

“Don’t you think thats a bit harsh for Ike,” said Roy.

“He’s right, Ike is only 34 years old that acts like a 19 year old,” said Marth.

They noticed something in particular, Where’s Robin?

“Your right, where is Robin, Narrator?” said Ike. You’re not supposed to talk to the Narrator! Uhh…they break the fourth wall every time.

“If we weren’t busy arguing, we would have stayed with Robin. Everybody run as fast as you can!” said Chrom.


Meanwhile at Lucina’s Castle, Robin was freeing the warriors and 31 minutes later the rest of the Fire Crew appeared and they helped free the warriors too.

After that they were UNSTOPPABLE!



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