Flight Adventure

In the inside of the shop, the room was still. No one was inside, so why would I need any more spare parts anyway? After all, I was looking forward to finally pursuing my dream and being assigned the best things to fix. Inside, one of the other late night mechanics was there. He didn’t look mad, but at the same time, he didn’t look happy.

At my desk was the parts needed to fix Jenk’s car. Jenk was a customer who had come into the shop one morning and asked the mechanic to fix his car. Today was my last day at the mechanics shop before I went to the derby race, enjoyed my first race, quit my job as a fixer, and moved on to greater things.

I packed a secret box with pieces and went in my car. The cars that we had now were too old and rusty. Wow, if it were the 2000s it would be awesome. I wasn’t surprised to find the perfect spot at the race.

You could say I never went to school much. My dad owned a mechanics shop and fixed cars. Everyday, I would sneak up and take parts for my super secret project.  Sneaking up made me laugh. Anyways, I had always dreamed of one day flying my super secret plane. And today was my time to shine. I took out the plane pieces and put them together. The other racers looked mean and tough, as well as prepared. I hadn’t even practiced and didn’t know how to fly the plane. Either way, I was sure I would win, even though it would be stupid if I did. The announcer was ready for the countdown, and I hopped in. I didn’t even look that great for a race like this.

The countdown went to 0, and I pressed the button and immediately went up in the air. I pressed random buttons and tried steering the plane. The wheel broke, and I taped it back but it didn’t even work. The plane was twisting and turning and I freaking crashed near the finish line while the other racers flew through it.

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